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  1. Thanks FFF for the new visual stimulation

    And yes, that is not a PA tag b/c I don't feel like putting it on til my custom IF tag comes in It sucks the rear is slightly off center but I didn't break both pegs only wanted to break 1
  2. FS: FFF Red/Black Badge, Supertones.

    Parts for Sale It's not as glossy as some of his work, and it's only one. I ordered a custom CF badge so I'm passing this one on cheaper than I got it... Still new-in-bag Sold Hella supertones, including an adapter so they fit in the tib, all...
  3. yoooo what happened to FFF?!?!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    ive been gone for a while, and i see FFF isnt a mini sponsor anymore! i have a set of badges ive been wanting to send him for almost a year! what happened!?
  4. anyone gotten custom badges stolen?

    I am picking up bullet's custom headrests today and was going to get the badges custom painted by force fed flesh to match the headrests. I was just wondering if anyone has had their badges stolen because I dont feel like paying for custom badges if they get stolen alot. I mean they are only...