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  1. RD Performance
    Hello! It is my post in the forum, I am from Costa Rica and I see that many people know about the tuning of these cars. I have a car that when it reaches high rpm with 7 psi of turbo starts to sound knocking detonations, I understand that it is because the ignition timing is very advanced (it...
  2. Engine Management
    I've been doing a lot of research and the one thing I'm having trouble with is setting up a MAF clamp for the AEM FIC 6. I want to set up the clamp so that the ECU doesn't see boost. I'm am completely lost with how to do it. So I was wondering if anyone who is still here on NT and boosted their...
  3. Engine Management
    I have been working on a clients car. I personally installed the fic and tuned the car several months ago. He had no problems until his clutch went out...Now with key on engine off my map sensor is reading 3.9 volts. I'm fully aware that this is low...I believe it may be a bad ground. We'll...
  4. Engine Management
    Just wondering if anyone here has any base map for the fic i currently have the stage 2 sniper with 310 cc injectors..i have been reading as much as i can about tunning with the fic but i just can't get my tunes right..
  5. Engine Management
    Who has it running correctly and with what year? What obstacles have you run into?? And, who has tried it, but with no success? and what year do you have? What problems?? Currently in my 03 GK it is dumping fuel, giving me as much as a 10AFR and a cylinder misfire at idle.. Although the...
  6. Engine Management
    ***********EDIT*********** Before you delve into the problems I had, I figured out my problems. The F/IC is running fine on my car as of Feb, 2015. I had to have the unit repaired. There was a bad coil, mag and maf circuit resulting in my poor running conditions. With the car not running and...
1-6 of 6 Results