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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello, Just wondering how i would be able to fit the fl2 bumper(07-08) with the FL taillights (05-06). Ive seen it done before on @Bazalouis tiburon (instagram). I have a 2003 tib.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. Driving a 2008 FL2 4 banger Whenever water drains down from the windshield, water leaks into the driver side footwell. (South Africa driver side is right hand drive). Where would be the best place to check for a hole in this drainage path...
  3. Parts Wanted
    I am looking for for a Stock 07/08 Rear bumper formy 06 tib! hopelfully someone can help me out. Thank You.
  4. Exterior
    It seems rear bumpers for this mod are hard to come by. I'm looking to do this pretty soon. I really dont even care to have it painted right away. My Tib is black, so if the bumper is blackish in hue, it won't look horrendous in the mean time. I can get the tailights at a local parts store, but...
  5. Exterior
    In effort to refine angel eye sizing for 2007/2008 FL2 headlights I obtained a weathered set from @ApolloCreed (his new set looks outstanding by the way!) I've been interested in the new lines of COB (circuit on board) LED angel eyes, specifically the Morimoto XB Halos from The Retrofit...
  6. Member Profiles
    Little background and story about how I became a Tib owner.. The Tiburon is my second car.. coming after some idiot in a Chevy Malibu smashed in to the rear end of my '97 Integra (totaled) I loved that car, it was my first car and I knew nothing about cars at the time and I was cruising around...
  7. Parts for Sale
    Torque Damper, Center Facia, and Headlights for sale I am selling the following parts (All item prices are negotiable. Just contact me.)...
  8. Exterior
    We have the chance to bring Luxgen eyelines for the 2007-2008 Tiburon back to market. I'm not going to go heavy into the details, but I want a quick idea of how much interest there is in the community for these eyelines. I have already talked with Dave (Rushr [admin]) and I have the approval to...
  9. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello tiburon community! I was selected to be in the NIA photo of the month contest on Facebook...I would really appreciate it if everyone gave it a like! Last time with JaysRedTibby he ran away with the contest and I'd like to do the same! Thanks for the support...
  10. Canada - East
    Hi everyone, just helping out my uncle to sell this tiburon, and since its related might as well give it a home to someone here. Some pics: It has 148xxxkms, 4cyl Automatic transmission Comes with keyless entry (Fob included) Certified E-tested 24-Month Warranty ASKING PRICE...
  11. Parts Wanted
    Well I just noticed this morning that my driver side gill (louver) on my fender is missing..... I would hate to pay the dealer price for it so I figured I would search and see who has one...... If need be I will buy them in a set but I really only need the drivers side.... Please help!!!
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, so im new here and Im trying figure out how this works. I bought an 03 tiburon and right now im working on doing the fl2 rear conversion, probably this week im gonna have it done and post some pictures.
  13. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set. Used to be sold on koreanautoimports until their stock depleted, and I now see them on autotux / sherwood automotive (all 3 being the same company) but just seeing if anybody happens to have a set. Please PM me if you do...
  14. Parts Wanted
    I am looking to buy the entire assy.... both would be ok but mainly need rt side... my first time doing a/e's myself didnt go too well....i know better for next time tho...
  15. Tiburon General Discussion
    Just curious (and yes I searched...Though maybe not hard enough) what kind of preformance I can expect to get out of my 08 GS. hp torque and what the gain in power may cost.
  16. Interior
    Does anyone know where I can find the paint code for the gunmetal color the FL2 door pulls come in? I plan on having some interior pieces painted to match the FL2 door pulls.
  17. Exterior
    fl2 w/ dual AEs & eyelids ok im feelin lazy so im gonna make this kinda short. basically, i have a fl2. see here: i wanted angel eyes, and i wanted bright ones. i decided to get the v4's from shark racing. blue outer ring, white inner ring. im notposting a diy, so heres the result: also...
  18. Exterior
    If someone would get me a rear bumper cut like this, I would do all the exhaust work. This rear on a F/L front. You guys like it?
1-18 of 19 Results