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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi, im bout to buy a hyundai coupe mk3 and i have a doubt, its possible to change the original front bumper to the restyling version of it? also including change of headlights. I want a restyling one, but here in spain they don´t appear to be at a good price or at good condition (the 2.7 v6...
  2. Parts Wanted
    If anyone has or knows where to buy a Hana front bumper for a 08 plz let me know I’ve been looking everywhere all I can find is a import shark one but they have horrible reviews
  3. Exterior
    Welp, I smoked a raccoon that was on steroids going around 65 in September. Sigh. My tibby ? It wasn’t too bad of damage, but the big fella took out about 5in x 6in of my plastic bumper on the very bottom, passenger side knew it’d be near impossible to find a whole new bumper cover where I was...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Hey guys, I bumped into someone and it shredded off my license plate and ripped up my bumper a little. I have a red 2007 hyundai Tiburon gs and im looking for a front bumper to replace mine with. I also have fog lights so...I need those little holes for em -.- Also someone backed into my car...
  5. Parts Wanted
    Need the front bumper hardware for an 06 tiburon. any year will really work. need all the bolts to assemble the front bumper ( the actual metal part that connects it to the car ) and all the plastic bolts and screws that attach the front bumper cover (the part thats painted) PM me
  6. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey guys, I'm new to your forum and thought to myself, why not ask those with my same car about repairs and how they have/think I should go about my repairs So let me beginnin, I was involved in a minor accident involving my front end. The repairs that need to happen is: Replacing hood...
  7. Exterior
    So I'm planning on buying an 05 front bumper to replace my 04 front bumper. i know where to buy the fogs and the fog covers, but my question is do i need to buy a whole **** ton of other things to make it mount properly? (brackets, bolts, etc.)
  8. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a front bumper off of a 05 or 06 tiburon or a aftermarket on
  9. Exterior
    After I hit a deer a few weeks ago (well it was two actually) and my Tiburon got totaled. I've bought it back from the insurance company and work will probably start on it sometime this week. Link to thread: I've already decided to go...
1-9 of 9 Results