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  1. Audio & Security
    hi all I'm getting to the end of my install (I'll post pics and a vid soon save I figure this out) thing is my front speaker is distorted, driver side wasn't working. Sucks because I had to resnake everything out ... AGAIN !! >> I'm running an amp that pushes out 100RMS at 4 ohms and the...
  2. Audio & Security
    I'm doing it, finally installing my sound system and I've already taken out the backseats and side panels . But when I came to the footwell it dawned on me ... I can't possibly run 0 gauge through the bottom door guard, so then here's this post . Yep, title explains my question in full . Any...
  3. Audio & Security
    hi all I'm replacing my battery terminals , In the middle of my big 3 upgrade and I came across a slight issue . I searched here to no avail: I have nvx 2x 0 gauge 2x 8 gauge input battery terminal and the...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I got a VDO vacuum gauge to install in a 08 tib, I4. I'm interested in knowing how people are tapping the vacuum line, after the throttle body. (assuming this is the right hose) Links to products that were used will be helpful. (e.g. T-fitting, tubing, etc.) Gauge came with no tubing kit, any...
  5. Interior
    Hey guys and gals: Question for you. I am looking at the GlowShift gauge pod and it says that it is for an 03-06 tiburon. I have an 07 tib. They had very unsupportive customer service people who were unable to confirm that it would still work. However, I noticed that some people on here said...
  6. Hyundai Tech
    Hi Does anyones know wehre should be the temteperatue needle in nomal driving conditions for a l4 manual 2006. thanks
  7. Parts for Sale
    Hey, As you already know i am selling alot of my stuff little by little and i will be using this tread for other parts ..i have alot oem stuff such extra cam sensor or valve covers etc.. nothing from the bottem end of the block. Some stuff i am willing to trade. i AM LOOKING FOR full...
  8. Interior
    Hi I am trying to find a multi gauge set that has torque, mpg and volt. Does anyone know where I can find one that would fit in the center console? Also does anyone know how hard it is to install?
  9. Parts Wanted
    I wanted to get a few pieces that says tuscani instead of tiburon and the last thing that says tiburon is the frame around my gauges, is there one without it or one that says tuscani?
  10. Interior
    hey i was wondering if someone knew where i could find a diy for installing a trans temp gauge. i couldnt find a diy for this here on the site but if there is one please let me know. if there isnt one then could someone please make one or explain the steps. pictures would be great also! thanks
  11. Parts for Sale
    Apex'i Neo- bought used but never installed, comes with an ECU layout that i drew sold BRAND NEW Glowshift Narrowband AFR Gauge- bought new, never installed. BRAND NEW. $50 shipped
  12. Parts for Sale
    Selling almost brand new autometer gauges with an a-pillar triple pod trim piece. The gauges are from the ultra-lite series. included is boost, oil pressure, volts, and the trim piece. $120 for everything shipped Normally this would be around $180 from autometer shipped
  13. Parts Wanted
    Preferably, I need just the LCD/Odometer screen from the instrument cluster, so it'd be nice if anyone could just sell me that. But I'll take the entire instrument cluster, as long as it's a manual w/ ABS. I'm also looking for a blue LED conversion done on the '03 manual HVAC controls, thanks.
  14. Engine Management
    Im hoping to get some help with installing an AutoMeter air/fuel gauge. I am concerned with cutting into the o2 sensor wire and causing CEL issues. If anyone has installed this or has detailed instructions on installing (with pictures). This is for a 2003 V6. Also thinking of wiring this to...
  15. Interior
    We are in the middle of converting the gauge lights on an '03 to blue and are having some problems. We got several of the pairs to work and have a few pairs that won't light. The fist light in the non-working pair shows nine volts and the second light shows no volts. In the working pairs...
1-15 of 17 Results