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  1. front grille delete??

    The other day i took out my grille on my 04. so im about to cut off the tabs but before i do that i want to make sure im going to like it. so im just wondering if anyone has any pics of this done?? ive looked around and couldnt find anything so if someone could please help itd be much appreciated!
  2. WTB: Billet Grille for 2003 model?

    Parts Wanted
    FIRST, I couldnt' have any 'links' because I have not posted enough post. Sorry for inconvenient. I checked for 2003 grills on e-bay , There are lots of Billet Grilles for 05-06 but couldn't find one for 2003 1) Will 05 part (Top part, for btn hood-bumper) fit on...
  3. Mesh Grille

    All i can find is the billet grilles but i want a mesh grill like the new cadilac cts v...know where to find one?