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  1. Head Unit In Infinity Sound System

    Audio & Security
    Okay, so i have an 04 Hyundai Tiburon Gt with the infinity 7 speaker sound system. I bought the car and the sub was missing and i have two twelves of my own and my own amp. But i have no idea how to hook up another head unit to the car. Was hoping for some help with this as in what to do and...
  2. Head Unit/Gauges

    Audio & Security
    I asked this question in another post but since this thread is more specific I'll ask here. I have an '04 with the 3 gauge cluster above the stereo. I have the original books that said it came with a factory Kenwood stereo but there's a crappy Pioneer in there now. The stereo and the gauges...
  3. Im Hoping Yall Can Help

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey Everyone: I have not been on in a while due to school and work constraints but I am back now! Unfortunately, I am back with an issue I am hoping some genius out there can help me with. I have the 2007 GTL Tiburon and an Alpine ICSX7-HD head unit. Love them both! Recently, I have been...
  4. FS: head unit, short shifter, oem parts

    Parts for Sale
    All parts prices do not include shipping. Parts: pioneer head unit (AVH-P4100DVD) - $250 oem floor mats - $75 radio surround - $30 leather front bumper cover - $30 All price are obo oem floor mats: $75 never used, brand new radio surround: $30 i believe is new, looks new leather bumper...
  5. Speakers/ Head Unit Problem

    Audio & Security
    Baught my 03 Tiburon last week and loving it so far. The only thing is my speakers/head unit does not work, I have tried switching a different head unit in and I hear nothing. I don't know what else to try before taking it in and paying money. Hopefully getting a LCD head unit next month but...
  6. Double Din 7" monitors (specifically Eonon)

    Audio & Security
    Have people fit in 7" monitors into the 2003 Tiburon Base model? I'm considering getting this one: The Eonon G2240U. I'm guessing most people have not heard of this brand/company before, called Eonon...
  7. help installing amp

    Audio & Security
    i'm currently working on installing subs/amp in my tiburon. i dont know much about this but have research plenty of weeks and figured i can do it myself and save $200 bucks by doing it myself. i have looked all over looking for help when it comes running the rca cables, and remote turn on wire...
  8. 03 Tiburon Aftermarket head Unit Sound Problem!!

    Audio & Security
    :problem: I have an 03 tibby (and after replacing tranny and lower control arm starting to get disgruntled) I have a Pioneer 3400ub aftermarket head unit that I've been wanting to hook up. I got my wiring harness for my Infinity sound system today, and after switching out the lca and changing...
  9. Headunit navigation ready question

    Audio & Security
    Hi I am looking into buying a double din head unit for my car. I found one I like that says it is navigation ready. I have two questions. Does this mean it comes with navigation? If it does not then what do I need to buy extra so it will have navigation? The HU Im looking at buying is Pioneer...
  10. FS: Magnaflow Resonator, 03 Tails, MISC

    Parts for Sale
    low rise spoiler, 03 Tails, stock head unit I've got some stuff i'm trying to get rid of. Prices are negotiable, I just want it gone. 03 tails, Decent condition, a couple of small scratches, nothing bad at all $100 Shipped OBO 03 stock head unit, tape player doesn't work, CD works fine...
  11. Head unit info?

    Audio & Security
    I want to buy an aftermarket head unit for my tib. It's 160 watts single din by jensen. My only question is, will I need other items to install it? Like my factory wires should just plug right in...right? No problems?
  12. FS: Pioneer HU For Sale

    Parts for Sale
    bought this has a bundle, pioneer stereo with 4 6 1/2 speakers. needed just the speakers to give to my brother. dont need the head unit brand new never used bought it for around $80 selling it for $55. local pickup is preffered, if no local pick up i will consider shipping. (323)698-344nine...
  13. Which stereo do I have in my car???

    Audio & Security
    Ok, so I have a 2005 Tiburon GT V6 auto and I've been reading around and I've seen there's a 360 watt stereo with sub and there's also a 440 watt stereo with sub. My car has the sub and I'm not sure witch stereo I have lol
  14. Replacing Stock 08 Kenwood System Faceplate

    Audio & Security
    Hey guys, just got my own 08 gt. I looked up the various ways to plug my ipod into the stock kenwood system that comes with the car but ultimately decided that i wanted to change the actual faceplate instead. My question is, would i be able to just remove the kenwood faceplate and replace it...
  15. Wiring Harness Q

    Audio & Security
    What is the difference between these two wiring harnesses? And where exactly do I use/plug them into? I am planning on upgrading my HU; single DIN. (If that makes a difference) Scosche - Best Buy...
  16. In Dash dvd player

    Audio & Security
    I know thier are several threads on this but they are all kinda out dated right now. I have been shopping around to find a good double din in dash dvd player for aound $400 give or take. I see pyle, soundstrorm and boss that are very cheap and from what i have read not worth it. What would...
  17. Suggestions for a new stereo system

    Audio & Security
    I will be getting a stereo system installed in the near future. I'm looking for suggestions. For example, what head unit, subs, speakers, etc. I'm a total noob when it comes to car audio...keep that in mind :p The budget for EVERYTHING is <$1,000. I'm not looking for the BEST sound, bass, etc...