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  1. LED Headlight Upgrade and Dust Caps

    Hi all! I looked around and didn't find a clear answer on this. I want to install these Hikari H7 LED headlight bulbs in my '05 Tiburon, and I found this post by another member showing a great install video. However, I am concerned about the lack of dust caps on his install, and I was wondering...
  2. LED headlights replacement in 2019

    So I just found out one of my high beam lights is not working so I started digging for a replacement. Honestly, I’ve been digging myself deeper and deeper and I hope you guys can shed some light (no pun) on this. What I’ve read is that LED has advanced so far in 2018 that it would be stupid not...
  3. WTB: Struts and Driver's-side Headlight for '03 6-speed

    Parts Wanted
    Since my front struts are dead, I figure I might as well try to upgrade rather than go with OEM style. I'm mainly looking for struts but used coilovers are an option as well if anyone has a set. As for the headlight, I only need the driver's side '03 style. -Found a pair, no longer looking...
  4. Headlight/taillight tint?

    I just found out this Car Headlight Taillight Tint Perforated Wrap Vinyl Like Fly Eyes 42in x 12in | eBay seems a good, easy and cheap way to tint/smoke taillights or headlights. Best thing bout is that light still shines trough due to the perforations so you are not a hazard to others around...
  5. Angel Eye Sizing for FL2 Headlights

    In effort to refine angel eye sizing for 2007/2008 FL2 headlights I obtained a weathered set from @ApolloCreed (his new set looks outstanding by the way!) I've been interested in the new lines of COB (circuit on board) LED angel eyes, specifically the Morimoto XB Halos from The Retrofit...
  6. New headlights?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I've got a 2007 Tib with headlights that look absolutely terrible and barely passed inspection. I've tried headlight renewal kits and rubbing compound and it hasn't helped. I've looked everywhere for replacement headlight assembly and can't find anything. The dealership wanted to charge me $700...
  7. Light Switch Issue / Help?

    Hyundai Tech
    2006 Tiburon SE 6spd Someone tell me what's wrong here... Switch in OFF position - All lights off Switch in Parking light position - All lights off Switch in headlight ON position - Headlights and fogs ON \...
  8. Low beam headlight and fog light won't work, but high beam works. PLEASE HELP :(

    Okay so here is my story, I will include as much detail as possible I have a 2003 tib, as everyone know the low beam and high beam bulbs are two separate bulbs. My low beam and high beam are both HID (the HID conversion kits) however, my fog light is still stock halogen bulb. Last night while...
  9. H11 bulb holder (Not Socket) Where can I get it?!

    Ok guys, I've been trying to find this part for my car everywhere. It is the little black, plastic piece used on the 07-08's to hold in the damn h11 headlight bulb. It is NOT the socket that the bulb plugs into. It is the piece that the bulb 1/4 turns into to hold it in place. It has 3 screws...
  10. Problems with my hid's PLEASE HELP

    I have been running 10000k hids in my tibby for about 6 months now.. I noticed last night when I turned the headlights on they didn't look bright at all, I figured it was the normal heat up period.. After about 10 minutes the light got no brighter and remained a dark purple. Is this a problem...
  11. FS: 2004 Driver Side Headlight Assembly and 7 Color LED UNDERGLOW

    Parts for Sale
    I have for sale a 2004 driver side headlight assembly. It is nearly immaculate. The only issue is that I drilled a hole in the back of the low beam cap for HID wiring. $80 local. Atlanta Area. Will ship if you pay shipping charges. I also have a 7 color LEDGlow under body kit. Includes: 4...
  12. Headlight opinions

    So I have plenty of money saved up (not enough for my cat-back unfortunately). Since my 03 headlights are starting to get yellow (it's not noticeable in the daytime but when the lights are on at night the lens lights up green) I wanted to know if it would be better to wet sand+clear coat, clear...
  13. Help, oxidation!!!!

    I've tried cleaning my headlights more than a few times, and one is pretty clean, and one isnt, is there a website where i can buy just the outside plastic headlight shell?
  14. FS: 03/04 Headlight bezels

    Parts for Sale
    Screwed up your bezel painting then tried fixing your mistake with plastic eating chemicals? Want to try cutting and modifying your bezels for better looks but don't want to **** it up and then be completely ****ed? Buy my satin black bezels and relieve your fears~~ 7+shipping
  15. WTB: Chrome Headlight Bezel / Insert ('03)

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of chrome headlight inserts/bezels Like what's shown in the picture but ideally not the entire headlight. A user on here just sold his set for $10 but would only ship in the U.S. I don't want to try to paint mine that chrome imitation BS because it looks like S I know...
  16. where do i find an automatic headlight switch?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi i'm new here, i bought my first tibby october of last year and im ready to start doing a few small things here and there to it, right now im wanting to put an automatic headlight switch on it but for the life of me i cant seem to find one. so if anyone knows how to possibly locate one and...
  17. WTB: 2003 drivers side headlight

    Parts Wanted
    hello i am looking to buy a used headlight assy. for my 2003 tib i dont mind if i have to clean it or if its fogged i just need it too be water tight thanks pm me with a price and i can pay thur paypal or meet in person i live in ri and i am willing to drive to mass or conn if the proce is right...
  18. FL/2 Headlamp Assembly Removal?

    Ok, so I feel like the biggest dbag in the universe (well beyond the level of the cast of Jersey Shore) for having to ask this question, but here goes... I got my DDM 5k HID kit yesterday and I was following Optimumminds HID DIY. I'm at the point where I have the middle cover off and all six...
  19. WTB: Headlights, taillights

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for 03-04 or 05-06 headlights almost new condition unless 05's, any condition will do for those, preferably the 05-06 ones, maybe even pre-wired for 04, but we will see what people have. Also interested in some new taillights. They don't have to be perfect I'll be getting them...
  20. Sunroof, ABS, and Headlights Help!!!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I own a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon and i live in Saskatchewan Canada. Its the 2.0L and SE. I recently had to slam on my brakes and i noticed my ABS wasnt working. My tires locked and i was like WTF?. The Fuse box under the dash has a fuse in the ABS slot but under the hood the 2 bigger fuses arent in...