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  1. Lighting Support

    Audio & Security
    I have several led and hid upgrades to my Tib. I'm wondering if I would need a stronger battery to help maintain the lights long term. My HID's flicker when I first turn them on, as do My LED badges.
  2. Any Tibs with Daytime Running Lights?

    Hey Guys, Have any of you installed (or home-made) some DRL on your tibs? I have a 08 and have so many ideas in mind. I bought some of those Wal-Mart LED Strips and I am tempted in putting a straight LED line of light between the headlights (That bumper opening below the hood). Just wanted to...
  3. HID Issue

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I just installed my HID's in my left headlight and they are all wired up correctly. The High beam works fine and flips on immediately but my low beam doesn't want to turn on at all. The bulb itself looks fine and its all wired up correctly, I've tried multiple ballasts with it and it still...
  4. HID Install *Picture*

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Here is a picture of the HID install i did today. I got the kit form They are supposedly 20,000k bulbs but are really around 12,000k. They are a very deep blue and the visibility is outstanding compared to the stock bulbs. I highly recommend these for a cool look and better...
  5. HID Problems?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. I did a full HID conversion on my low beams through xenon headlights with the battery direct connect and there is a massive hole where they should be focusing. Anybody else have this problem or know how to fix it?
  6. warning

    Product Reviews
    Never buy hids from I purchased some, they came with a warranty and I thought they would be fine. When I got them I had a bad ballast and bulb so I had to send them back. Then got the replacements, they worked for about two weeks then the same ballast died. I took them off and...
  7. Low beam headlight and fog light won't work, but high beam works. PLEASE HELP :(

    Okay so here is my story, I will include as much detail as possible I have a 2003 tib, as everyone know the low beam and high beam bulbs are two separate bulbs. My low beam and high beam are both HID (the HID conversion kits) however, my fog light is still stock halogen bulb. Last night while...
  8. Problems with my hid's PLEASE HELP

    I have been running 10000k hids in my tibby for about 6 months now.. I noticed last night when I turned the headlights on they didn't look bright at all, I figured it was the normal heat up period.. After about 10 minutes the light got no brighter and remained a dark purple. Is this a problem...
  9. FS: H11 and 9006 HID 8000k bulbs only - Tuscani wheel caps

    Parts for Sale
    Hi! First thing to say; no dibs, first to PM me is first to have a chance to send the money. As soon as money if received, I will try to ship it in the same day, or the day after. I have 2 sets of HIDs BULBS for sale. These are ONLY THE BULBS, no ballast, no relay. They are H11 (low beams)...
  10. HID help

    New Member Introductions
    i looked thru the threads for DIY already but im a little confused as to which prongs to plug into the old wiring connector. i have the ballasts all hooked up and i need to just get the old wires hooked up so power gets to the ballasts. thanks!
  11. HID headlights back to stock headlights

    New Member Introductions
    Help, please. I have a 2004 tiburon GT with HID low beams and I want to convert back to stock low beams....what do I do? Help Please!!
  12. LED project orange crush.

    Thank you absorb, for your help and inspiring me to light up my tiby. also shout out to vicious tiburon for selling me his kit and helping me with the vdk this is my lighting/vehicle project. ive already started the LED conversion, all products for conversion were provided by diode dynamics...
  13. Head Light swap questions

    okay so i just bought and installed my Low beam HID's and i am about to do my fogs and high beams but in the high beam housing spot has a small bulbunder it that will be completely off color and different any suggestions and also about the parking and blinker any recommendations i was thinking...
  14. FS: Lighting and Springs (also non-car parts)

    Parts for Sale
    Hello Members, I don't really have time do work on the car anymore, nor do I have the interest. All items listed are priced with shipping except for the springs and monitor ([email protected] things are heavy). All items are for a 2003 model Tiburon and never installed. Heres the list 1...
  15. Car hit in parking lot, remove mods?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    The other day somebody hit my car in a parking lot. The damage is minimal, but the front bumper is going to need replacement. I have it booked in tomorrow to have the damage evaluated by my insurance company. The only problem is - I have clear cornered headlights (03/04), and HIDs in...
  16. FS: Zefiro hood, custom sub box, 12" mtx subs

    Parts for Sale
    *************ALL SOLD************** UPDATED pricing as of 2/21/11 Sold the car and no longer need this stuff. previous thread too old to bring back up to date so here it goes. Prices are firm unless buying more than one item then we can negotiate. Custom sub box, holds 3 12" subs, fits into...
  17. FS: H11 8000K HID's

    Parts for Sale
    The brand is Xenon-Vision, and these will fit the F/L2 models. They are mated to 35W ballasts and have NEVER been used. (Bought for my tib, and mistakenly got H11's rather than H7's) Asking $50 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. First come, first serve. Paypal is [email protected]
  18. FL/2 Headlamp Assembly Removal?

    Ok, so I feel like the biggest dbag in the universe (well beyond the level of the cast of Jersey Shore) for having to ask this question, but here goes... I got my DDM 5k HID kit yesterday and I was following Optimumminds HID DIY. I'm at the point where I have the middle cover off and all six...
  19. For Sale: 8000K H11 HID's- 80

    The 100 post requirment is a site rule, DO NOT post in another forum to avoid this rule.
  20. Please Help - How to Delay Headlight start for HID's?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    What I'm trying to do is delay the headlights (for a few seconds) from turning on. when the car is turned on. I have HID Low beams & HID fogs and i don't like the fact that they start 2 times when starting the car. i know its stupid and i could just turn off the headlights before i turn on the...