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  1. FS: '06 FL Headlights + NIA Eyelines + 10000K HID's

    Parts for Sale
    PACKAGED AND READY TO GO!!!! :3_wink: All prices listed below do not include shipping. Headlights will only be sold as a set. Pictures below reflect condition, unless otherwise noted! ~ NIA (WN - Moonlit Blue) '05-'06 Eyelines - SOLD The Eyelines are no longer on the headlights. They look...
  2. F/L Clear-cornered HL with AE Eyelines (WN), Greddy Evo II Exhaust

    Feelers, Gauging Interest, and Trades
    Gauging interest for a trade of F/L 2005 Headlights with white diode dynamics AE, NIA Eyelines painted moonlite blue (WN), and "clear cornered" amber reflector with nightshade. I'm looking to trade for stock 2005/2006 F/L headlights plus cash. I'm also willing also sell the 6000k HIDs, and dual...
  3. FS: Going back to stock

    Parts for Sale
    Going back to stock - Price Changes Everything is now Best Offer I just want this stuff gone! Stock Rally Red High Wing - Pending Dibs has fading and would need to be repainted. Automatic Sun Roof Closer Works great, and shuts the sunroof after the car is shut off in case you forgot to...
  4. FogLight HID Installation?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Is there a DIY for foglight HID instalation? because i cant really find one. my question is where would the ballasts be mounted and how should the wires be ran through the cover. Thank you
  5. Were these a good idea or a bad one?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I was on ebay looking for some HIDs and I found these *non sponsor link* I saw the price and went and double checked what was included and said to myself "Shittttt... 21 bucks for HIDs? I'm buying these NOW! " So I bought them and also bought a relay harness to be on the safe side. Do...
  6. FS: No more Tib. Parts FS: whatever is left of it!

    Parts for Sale
    As many of you know, I got into an accident and it's been offical that they will be totaling my Tib. It was fun while it lasted but now the parts must go. I have not yet got the parts off the car yet so please give me by this week to get pictures and everything go through! As, I already have a...
  7. I hate to ask this..

    I installed new 6k hids on the fogs and now it makes a little buzzing noise when on.. I searched searched and searched but didnt find anything besides threads full of "hey guys what color hids should i get?!" Im sure its been answered before so if anyone could give me an answer or link please...
  8. FS: Headlight and Fog light HIDs

    Parts for Sale
    SOLD TO CT_TIBURON!!! UPDATE: I need these gone at $120 firm so the first person to send me a pm for my paypal address gets them. Hey guys, School's coming up and I need some money to buy books :nerd: so I've found it easiest to part with my HIDs that I've had for about a year and a half...
  9. what have we been up to where have we been?

    Pauly's Auto Customs
    Ok guys and gals it has been pretty obvious that we have not been around as much in the past weeks and i wanted to explain why... We here at Pauly's have been working on continuance of our pursuit for a retail market as well as visiting different manufacturing facilities to view production...
  10. Hi im new and i'd appreciate help & info on HIDs. THANKS!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi i have an black 04 gt and i dont have any work done to my sharky yet. but id like to get HIDS. i dont quite understand the colors and the numbers and how to find ones online. im lost!! i dont know many people who can help me with these kinda things and id appreciate any help i can get! ive...