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  1. Power Steering problem

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So recently my power steering went out do to the hose that connects the reservoir to the power steering pump bursted, i replaced both the line and put a new pump on it. bled the system like a machanic at my work told me to. set it down from the jacks, and well it dosent have that high pitched...
  2. 2000 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0 Turbo

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Hey guys, I've owned a 2000 Hyundai Tiburon 2.0L 4-speed automatic for 3 years now. I've done a few mods to the car already such as a 2.5inch custom exhaust, stainless steel headers and a 2.5inch cold air intake. I have no idea what kind of hp the car is pulling. But now that I have a second...
  3. Group Buy (Sparco Pro 2000)

    Is anyone interested in starting a group buy spree? Mostly interested in seats atm. If anybody has any other ideas for seats, please chime in! Anyways, the seat I really want is the Sparco Pro 2000 fixed bucket seat. any input, please contribute. Thanks!
  4. Temperature gauge not working properly

    New Member Introductions
    Hello I own a 03' Tiburon GT and for some reason my temperature gauge always reads hot. No matter the speed, no matter if the heat or a/c is on. I've changed the temp sensor and the thermostat and it always reads hot even though my car is not running hot. Fans are working. Everything else to my...
  5. 2004 Tiburon purchase

    New Member Introductions
    Looking at a 2004 Tiberon/(Tuscani) up for sale @ $3900.. I'm not very familiar with these cars, so I'd like some input. Is it a good deal? Thanks
  6. 2003 Tib GT. Won't Start

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    I need some help. I have 2003 Tiburon GT. The 2.7L N/A V6. I went to the gas station for 2 minutes. Tried to start it and there was nothing, no crank or turn over. My buddy jumped me and it fired right up. I parked my car and went out for the night. Came back about 5-6 hours later and she...
  7. Looking to buy a tib.

    New Member Introductions
    So I've been looking at this tiburon on craigslist for a little while and am trying to figure out if it is worth it. It's a 03 gt v6 with 119,000 miles on it. New tires, cold air intake, stage 3 clutch, and full exhaust with headers and 2.5 inch pipe all the way out the back. It has a salvaged...
  8. Sigma Vs 6G74

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I Come To Believe And Know Now That The Sigma 3.5l V6 From Hyundai Is The Exact Same Engine As The 6g74 3.5l V6 From Mitsubishi ,Same Exact 3,497cc, Same exact 93mm bore ,same 85.8mm stoke, and same exact cast iron block and aluminum heads. So What I Am Wondering If They Are Exactly The same...
  9. Genuine MAF Sensors on sale?

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    Just found this on ebay's current auto part sale, seems a little too good to be true at $40, but it does seem to have the Siemens logo on it. Sale only goes until the 10th, can anyone confirm this is a legit Hyundai part and not a knock-off? MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter w/Housing for Hyundai...
  10. 2003 Tuscani Elisa Tiburon

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. I have been dormant here on the forums since last March 2014, when I was forced to sell my Crush Orange 2006 Tiburon SE 6 speed for financial reasons. I hit the pavement, kept trading vehicles, and now I have finally landed a solid vehicle that needs a bit of work, but is...
  11. New to the Tibby Community!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey! I am new to NT and wanted to post a picture of my ride. Please tell me what you think! :grin2:
  12. Heart of a shark.

    I4 - Forced Induction
    What's up? Im new to the forum and want to keep up with the happenings of my 2.0+ brethren. I drive a 2007 Hyundai Accent with a swapped 2.0 Elantra motor. I've been doing a lot of research, and since I'm pretty set on the idea of never wanting another go fast project car, a few things...
  13. Hi-Scan Pro / CASCADE Emulator Available for Download

    Engine Management
    Hi-Scan Pro for Windows Download (Dealer-Level Diagnostics) Download Hi-Scan Pro with Car Scanner Device Emulator (CASCADE) v0.9.3 Windows PC emulation software (30.4MB Zip) - including the following ROM packs and misc. documentation. ASIAN PACK1.bin ASIAN PACK2.bin EUROPEAN PACK1.bin EUROPEAN...
  14. Import Face-Off 2014 Circuit

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Post Your Winnings! The Web Motorsports 2004 Tiburon GT - Best Korean (Kent, WA)
  15. tiburon exhuast

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Ok so I'm Probably going too sound a little slow I'm really new too this haha well I have a 2006 v4 tiburon I want to install a exhaust systems on it I already have headers I just can't find a exhaust that claims it will fit my v4... so basically can you fit a v6 exhuast in a v4? :smash:
  16. DIY: Fitting & Review of Genesis Coupe / Sedan Start Button

    DIY Interior
    Hi all, I have mentioned this further on, but please double check all wires mentioned in case there is a difference between UK & US Tibs, if you are in the UK then please still double check just in case anything is different between my TIb & yours, I hold no responsibility for anything if you...
  17. Big Brake Kit Options

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my front & rear brakes at some point, I love the look of big callipers behind a nice set of wheels, from my research the only options I can really find that match the look I want are from: (Select Tiburon from the left) I'm...
  18. Team Runner's '96 Hyundai Tiburon

    Other Cars
    Hey! I'm from Spain and I want to show you my '96 Tiburon build Everything I show in this video it's what i done on the car untill now. I don't specified a lot what i will be doing on the car (for make it like a surprise), but it will be one of the best Tiburons (road legal and 100% street) on...
  19. 03 i4 tiburon many mods good buy?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hi i was wondering if someone could help me out i was thinking about buying this tiburon done alot of reading up just looking for some other opinions many mods and pics here pics on all pages and mod list on page 2 alot of hours and put...
  20. My Black 2003 Tiburon! DarkestShark

    Member Profiles
    Hey guys, I joined this site when I bought my Tiburon and have gotten lots of help from the forums, members,etc. I wanted to say thank you, and I want to see what you think of my Tiburon now! I bought it stock and I've done a couple mods to make it look better. Feedback appreciated! Let me know...