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  1. TS Interior

    TS Interior

    I wasn't a fan of the Tiburon interiors as they seemed really bubbly. Specifically with the aircon dials. But the climate control module and my full leather (not half) seats sold me on the car
  2. Re-wrapping The Sun Visor Help

    Over the past day or so I have been tearing my car apart to try to fix the disconnected drain tubes on my sun roof. Of course while I was doing this I decided it would be a good idea to redo my sun visors. I was wondering if anyone had created a DIY for this. If not could someone tell me the...
  3. OEM Seat Covers

    So I am hearing about oem seat covers for the front seats. I am curious where one would go to buy them and how much. My drivers side leather seat is torn and getting worse everyday and I do not have the money to reupholster it nor do I have the skills to reupholster it myself.If I could id love...
  4. How do I take the door panel off?

    So when I bought my tib, the previous owner said none of the electronic locks or the hatchback switch work, so I have 2 questions: 1- Should I be looking under the door panel to replace electronics or should I be replaceing a fuse somewhere else? And 2- How do I take the door panel off? I got 3...
  5. Plasti Dipped Interior???

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought a 2006 Tiburon GS today, it's silver on the outside. The interior has black trim... It has a sticky-ish texture, this leads me to believe maybe the trim is plasti dipped black because if I recall, the interiors have silver trim. Do you think it's plasti dipped? I would rather...
  6. WTB: Interior door handles

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for quite a few interior/exterior pieces after getting a great deal on a running, but ugly, 03 tiburon. Its the I4 and an automatic. I need: - L+R door handles - License plate lights (mainly the brackets that actually mount into the body, my lights are hanging out.) - Passenger...
  7. Gauges in the way of making room for touch screen stereo

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I just bought my first car, which is a 2002 tib 2.7 v6. I love the car and it works and looks awesome. However, I thought the interior could use a touch-up and decided to go with a touch screen stereo with a back up camera installed. problem is, I can't make room for it. I could remove the...
  8. WTB: Interior Door Handle, Spoiler, CAI, Coilovers

    Parts Wanted
    Hey there NT. I snapped my drivers side interior door handle off, and am in need of a new one. anybody have some spare parts from a part out laying around? Also, id be interested in finding a black high rise spoiler. Those are either rare or expensive, as most Tiburon goods are now, but...
  9. Interior Lights

    Hey all! Just joined after I got my tib a few months ago. I want to add some red accent lights under the dash area. Does any one know the best way to go about this? A good walk through or link to one or any product recommendations would be really helpful! Thanks!
  10. Need Interior Opinions

    I have a red 2004 gt with all stock interior except for brushed aluminum around the door switches, yes the center fascia is still black. I want to update the dull interior and i have a couple of ideas. 1)Replacing the center fascia, door handles, grips, vent rings, and dash with a metal grain...
  11. Similarities between a 2003 and 2007

    Tiburon General Discussion
    A coworker just told me about a 2003 Tiburon near me that is being sold for $300. He said that parts are rusted and its not in the best condition. But for $300 im thinking about checking it out and maybe buying it just to swap parts over to my 2007 that i would like. Does anyone know what parts...
  12. Redoing Interior

    New Member Introductions
    When i bought my 07 Tiburon SE a few months ago there was blue LED's by the feet, but the interior is red. i really like the red seats but all of the other lights in the car are blue. like the gauges the HVAC and stuff like that. i was planning on going in and changing all of those leds with red...
  13. Interior Dash wiring

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I took the stock radio out of my 2005 gs and found extra wiring on the console. there was a green plug connected to a blank button on hte top left of the four switch areas. Anyone know what this is? Is it the wiring for fog lights, but the swithc wasnt intalled becasue hte option wasnt chosen...
  14. Lights Not Working

    I've searched the forums for this problem but can't find anything for it. I don't know much about lighting and these things but on my 03 Tiburon the dome lights, license plate lights, and brights neither work when I turn on my brights my dashboard says they're on but they're not so is this a...
  15. New Head-Unit Installed, Speedometer Doesn't Work

    Audio & Security
    Got a new head-unit for Christmas yesterday, picked up a wiring harness today and installed it. It's about the third car I've installed an aftermarket head-unit in. Drove down the road a bit and realized the speedometer wasn't moving. Hoping I'm just missing a (hopefully cheap) part and that I...
  16. New seats

    I want some new seats, preferably front and back. Last owner just didn't take care of 'em. All I find with google is racing seats but I'm looking for something a little more "stock-ish." Can anybody help me out?
  17. Low internal power? (Electrical)

    Hyundai Tech
    Forgive me ahead of time if I miss out some information, I just joined the site! I own a 04 Tiburon GT and some minor things have been happening and I am concerned if it may lead to bigger problems. First off, the clock like to reset at random times. Either while I'm driving it, on startup, or...
  18. Need help finding this part

    im new to this forum, finally signed up after almost a month of owning a tiburon *2003 gt*. I have been slowly buying stuff to mod it.. starting with interior pieces. Now i saw this piece im looking for on this forum i believe or another site and cant find it now. I need to find a silver tuscani...
  19. speedometer led lights 2000 tiburon

    Please help.. fairly new to the tiburon was looking at the the 04 body but I fell in love with the 00 light designs (exterior body) but anyway I really need some help I even went to multiple shops , checked many forms on this site , ebay , Amazon .. I really want to change the speedometer...
  20. WTB: Both Interior door handles - IN -

    Parts Wanted
    Looking to purchase both driver and passenger interior door handles. My passenger side handle has been broke for quite some time but nobody really rides with me these days, so I haven't been worried about it. However, driver side broke yesterday, so it's time to do them both I suppose...