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  1. New around here

    New Member Introductions
    New to posting on the forums, just finally made an account so I guess ill introduce myself. I am a PA Tiburon owner, just bought it in Feb. Its an Yellow 05 SE. Pretty Stock at the moment, needs some body work. Shortly after I bought her she was hit with a snow plow and left a huge gash in my...
  2. Whats going on NT -2006 tibby

    New Member Introductions
    Sup Newtiburon, Samer here from ottawa, Ca. I bought my 2006 i4 tib a year ago and been on this website daily ever since, but now i decided to post. I havent done much to the tibby. injet SRI, new audio deck, amp and sub. Plasti dip parts of the car. I happen to be in the debate of whether or...
  3. Gabe's Tibby Introduction

    New Member Introductions
    I have Been Posting some stuff around the forum and i'm new so I thought why not just introduce myself... So yeah I'm Gabe and i'm a Proud Owner of An '05 Tiburon SE i4 in East Ontario, Canada... I never new about this site since a couple of weeks ago when I found out about it as I was...
  4. New to this site

    New Member Introductions
    I am new to this site so I thought I would introduce myself. I just bought a 2003 Tiburon last month. I tinted the windows (5%), Injen CAI, underdrive pulleys, and ordered HID's, AE, and a Stage 3 LED kit from DD. Im lookin to do some more upgrades and thought this would be a great place to...
  5. Just a noob

    New Member Introductions
    So I'll post a noob intro LOL Name is Tom, located in Tennessee, USA, middle of nowhereville No Tib yet, though a friend has a GK. I've had my eye out on a used 2007 down the street. Who knows?