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  1. New Car Stereo

    New Member Introductions
    So I've been looking at better ways to use my iPhone in my car and I stumbled across this. Figured I'd share this with the other Tiburon owners... I can't post links yet, so google devium! I'm gonna wait till it's closer to the pre order's ship date, it started on Kickstarter. Installing a...
  2. Best method to upload pics from iPhone?

    New Member Introductions
    Read First: I have used the search button so no flaming for that! But yeah I would like to get a profile started on my car but the site has no way to upload pics from a mobile device (that I know of). So, what may be my best option. I'm thinking of e-mailing the pics to myself and hosting them...
  3. FS: Three iPhone 3G's for sale

    Non-Car Related Items
    SOLD. PLEASE LOCK Well, I'm honestly sure if I am allowed to do this but I have 2 iPhones for sale on ebay. I'm going to give pics and discriptions for them all on here and then post the ebay links on here. If I am not supposed to do this then please let me know. First one is a black 3G 16gb...
  4. FS: iPhone 3g 8gb white $200

    Non-Car Related Items
    SOLD. Please lock. :) Hey I am trying to sell my iPhone. Its a white 3g 8gb. Looks brand new. Works perfectly. I am asking $200 FIRM. I would really like to sell it today if at all possible. It is jailbroken now but I am going to restore it before I sell it. I will rejailbreak it and unlock...