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  1. Dear nt mods....

    Tiburon General Discussion
    where has the angel eye diy for 03-04s go????????? there are a few other things not there as well... Did NT donate them to Hati? WTF MAING?? us 03 guys still exist! haha. I really wanted to check over that install again and now i'm starting to get a little teary eyed here because I can't find...
  2. NorCal/SoCal Event interest?

    South West USA
    Since we haven't done a Northern and Southern California event in a while, I thought I would bring up a suggestion and see what people think. In another thread, I had mentioned doing a Yosemite Camp & Cruise for the SoCal people. Well, considering Yosemite's location it might be better to do it...
  3. Insane Tiburon!! Check it out

    Video Forum
    Well i did a review about my tiburon just like this young lad , none of you can come close to the power of it so just watch...:3_redcard Heres Joes review nuff said Also no thats not how i talk i was making fun of...
  4. KDM Tiburon

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I figured I would post up some pics from korea of other tibs to give people more idea's of what they could do to there tibby. I will only post a couple pics if you want more let me know.