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  1. Street Demon Turbo Kit

    I4 - Forced Induction
    Hey how's it going guys. Been thinking real hard on making my own turbo or just buying a kit. Haven't had to many big name brand turbos stick out this is one of the only kits I've found New 485HP Turbo Kit | eBay have any of you any information or reviews of this product? Or have any...
  2. What Kind of Body Kit Does This Tib Have?

    superstreetonline DOT com/features/modp-0910-2003-hyundai-tiburon-gt/ Replace DOT with . Looks as if it has 05-06 front bumper with something added on the sides and something added on to original rear bumper with side skirts. Where would one find this?
  3. FS: Custom Vortech Supercharger Kit

    Parts for Sale
    Included is almost everything you need to install this kit. I took the RIPP MODS kit and with other members redesigned it from the ground up. The only parts from the kit that remain are the V5 trim supercharger, pulley and mounting support bracket. I am getting rid of the kit because I have to...
  4. WTB: Stage 0 NGM SC kit

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for stage 0 NGM super charger kit. The newer and less used the better.
  5. Big Brake Kit Options

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my front & rear brakes at some point, I love the look of big callipers behind a nice set of wheels, from my research the only options I can really find that match the look I want are from: (Select Tiburon from the left) I'm...
  6. Will 06 v6 Exhaust fit an 08 v6 tiburon?

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    I have been looking everywhere for this answer and have not found it, I want to buy an OBX system with ARK headers but OBX does not make an official 08 exhaust kit. Does anybody know if minor modifications will need to be made if I buy the 06? I have an 08 limited gt
  7. Halos in stock headlights

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I wanting Halo rings (not the LED dots aka angel eyes) for my stock headlights, I am having trouble finding a kit for my 08 tib. I have decided to just buy the rings separately from ebay. This page: says that the...
  8. FS: New SPC Camber bolts 30 Shipped

    Parts for Sale
    so yea found them laying around, never installed and never opened. asking 30 shipped. thx
  9. Best lambo door kit?

    I want to get lambo doors for my 2006 Tiburon. i want them to last but have a resonable price. I also want a REAL BOLT ON kit that requires nothing to be done to my fender, just bolt on. Any suggestions on a kit you have used? your welcome to post pictures for comparisons.
  10. WTB: Looking for Exhaust and Motor Mounts

    Parts Wanted
    Need a decent exhaust kit, no headers needed. 2.5" kit would be best. Not looking to spend too much. Preferably not over $350. Need something not too loud. Also looking for stock front and rear lower motor mounts. show me whatcha got!
  11. FS: Hi-Flow Cat/ Resonator

    Parts for Sale
    Perfect condition hi flow catalytic converter for our tibs. it has a 2.5" diameter and is about 16" long. Has flanges on the end for easy bolt on installation or could be welded. $60 shipped
  12. up close VDK pics

    when i wanted to install my kit, i noticed there were not very many close up detailed pics of how it looks and where it goes before somewhere goes out tries to install it (very long process BTW) so after everything was put together, the door sometimes won't latch right, the shock isn't...
  13. LAMBO gas shock strength? Need QUICK help

    Tiburon General Discussion
    so i have lambo kit, and we just decided to put it on. one shock broke and the other one is pretty week. QUESTION: what is the recommended strength for a gas shock for our doors. i was guessing that is was 650psi but i want this to be VERY easy to lift so im guessing 700psi would work too...
  14. turbo or supercharger

    New Member Introductions
    i dont own a tiburon yet but im thinking about getting one i was wondering what kind of turbo kits or supercharger kits are made for it (links would be nice) for a stock engine and what kind of power output would i get