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  1. Not your typical lock problem

    Audio & Security
    I have a 2003 Tib with manual locks. Both the drivers and passengers locks do not work from the inside! To lock the doors I have to get out and put the key in and the same to unlock. I took the passenger side door panel off the other day and the inside handle has all the cables connected. Not...
  2. door actuator causing electronic failure!D:

    New Member Introductions
    I have never owned or worked on a hyundai before, I got a 2006 tiburon V6 recently, the passenger door actuator is bad so I bought a replacement, after attemting to install my new actuator I found out that it wasn't the right part so I decided to reinstall my old actuator as to be able to close...
  3. Door locks are not synced to lock together

    Audio & Security
    The driver side door on my 03 GT 1. does not lock with the passenger side door and 2. does not lock when you push the lock lever. The lock lever moves, but nothing happens. It doesn't even make the locking sound. When you push the lever to lock the passenger door, you can hear it in the driver's...