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  1. Exterior
    Ok heres the thing, i have been searching high and low for a new set of wheels on my 04 tib. Im currently running 17x7 with +38 offset, I want something more in the range of 18x7.5 or 8 and more offset. I want something with more of an aggressive stance so they come closer to the edge of the...
  2. Member Profiles
    Hello NT! I have finally decided to make a progress profile. The Story: I bought a Tiburon. I liked it. so I modded it with the help of some friends and New Tiburon. now I love it. Exciting. :shrug: Now a proud member of East Coast KDM Florida division 2006 Hyundai Tiburon SE 6-speed Orange...
  3. Member Profiles
    This is my first Tiburon. Bought it from the dealership I used to work at for $5,500 after TTL. It was about to be put on a truck and sent to auction and I signed the papers literally as the truck showed up. Left the dealership with 49k on the odometer and within the first year put almost 23k...
  4. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Does anyone have any experience with ebay springs? Was looking at these Any advice?
  5. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    i changed the hub and knuckle cause of a wheel bearing issue and then it started rubbing inside the fenderwell near the brake line tubing i can see where its clean metal. and my plastic splashguard in the fenderwell is somehow now deformed and rubbing when i turn RIGHT not left. just did an...
  6. Member Profiles
    List of recent mods: CAI Headers ARK Exhaust/ No Cats Eibach Sportline Springs ECW 20" Wheels Falken 225/30's Custom Graphics (fenders & front visor) Iridium plugs Painted Calibers HID's (High, Low's & Fogs)
  7. Parts for Sale
    so yea found them laying around, never installed and never opened. asking 30 shipped. thx
  8. Hyundai Tech
    i was moving my wiring harness out of harms way today when i noticed that there was a wire that had worn through the coating. it is not a wire in the main harness and im not even sure it is an electrical wire, it seems to stiff. it is the wire that goes through the rear of the well below the...
1-8 of 9 Results