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  1. V6 - Forced Induction
    ok so i just bought an Assassin Supercharger kit [/SIZE]and it is missing what i am assuming to be the NGM Mafterburner Stage II Fuel Tuner and the MafExtender (I have no wires) . Where can i buy these?:wtf:
  2. V6 - Forced Induction
    I have a 2003 supercharged tiburon with cold air intake, 18 inch wheels, 6 speed manual transmission and a stage 1 mafterburner wired in my glovebox. over the past few years the car has had issues and ive been in school and unable to afford to fix the problems. I recently dumped the money into...
  3. Engine Management
    I could use some help with tuning right about now. Running N/A I/H/E Mafterburner Stg II +LC-1 with DB-9 Zeroed out on tune 1 and tune 2 Still getting -50 at +3,000 Rpms injectors set to 19lb Waste spark. O2 Configured. not sure what is causing this subtraction, looking to fix this this issue to...
  4. Engine Management
    What a stupid, crude word, piggyback. Anyway, two questions. the MAFterburner by "AEM"(i believe) can probably be tuned to get better econo, right? Also do you need anything to yank that bastard out? I dont wanna pull it to know that it preprogrammed something into my ECU Thinkin of selling some...
  5. Parts for Sale
    Hello, up for sale MAFterburner stage 1, with USB to serial adapter and CD. SOLD Also have 2.9 NGM pulley, a few dings from removal but straight and true. Will give about 0.5 less psi than a 2.8 pulley. $25 shipped Stock 03 black seats, I think shipping would be outrageous for the...
  6. Parts for Sale
    Beta bbtb and mafterburner Stage 1 mafterburner for sale 160 shipped
  7. Engine Management
    ok so i have the mafterburner stage 1. I've been tryin to change the tune. I have 440cc injectors for a stage 2 alpine kit. So originally it was running WAY too rich. I made it leaner and its still too rich. It seems like it hit its limit for how lean i can make the injectors go. I even tried...
  8. Parts Wanted
    as some of you may have seen, i was going to sell my stage 1 MAFterburner. i was told that was a bad idea, so now im looking to buy(or if anyone wants to give them to me :3_wink:) the software CD and the PC Serial cable that comes with the stage 1 MAFterburner pm me if interested in selling...
  9. Feelers, Gauging Interest, and Trades
    i have an MAFterburner in my car right now which is soon going to be replaced by an Apex'i Neo. all i have is unit itself and the wires to the ECU, i dont have any of the software or computer wires. this is because it was in the car when i bought it. $50 for whoever wants it, once it is out...
  10. Parts for Sale
    Up for sale is my mafterburner stage 1 unit with all necessary wiring for a complete install. Walkthroughs for installs are all over NT so install should be a snap. Also im including a $40 gigaware Serial to USB port cable w/ installation CD which makes connection to your PC REALLY easy. The...
  11. Parts for Sale
    *****updated 12/14/2011 - priced to sell.******* [shipping to the lower 48 only unless you are willing to pay the extra shipping costs. LARGER ITEMS ARE PICKUP ONLY Paypal address [email protected] 5: Custom Made Spare Tire Well Box - covered by rhino lining 200.00 6: Optima...
  12. New Member Introductions
    so i'm going to be tuning my 03 tib with a mafterburner in about a month after I install a stage 2 alpine. Would it be a good idea to get a mafextender? I'd rather not have to spend money on getting it but if it is necessary or safer to do so, I'll get it.
  13. Parts Wanted
    I recently purchased a stage 2 alpine s/c. Can't put it to good use without a tuner. I'd like to get a Mafterburner, but if someone is selling other kinds for a reasonable price I'll consider.
  14. Engine Management
    I run mafterburner stage 1 on my supercharged tib. Whenever i am running the mafterburner software my MAF sensor voltage is really low. like .05v. Even when i rev the motor, the MAF sensor voltage stays the same. When reading an OBD-II scanner it also gives me a low maf curcuit reading. I double...
  15. Engine Management
    I Have a tib with the alpine supercharger setup running 4 lbs of boost. I also have the stage 1 mafterburner unit wired in and software ready to tune. I need a base map for the software to load up before i take it to the dyno. can anyone help me out? Thanks dudes
  16. Engine Management
    I need to know where i can find mafterburner stage 1 software online. I found stage 2 on mafterburner's website but i have the stage 1 kit. can anyone help me out?
  17. Parts Wanted
    Lookin to buy a Mafterburner. Perferably one with the program, so I don't have to download it.
1-17 of 17 Results