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  1. I4 - Forced Induction
    I may have missed it but after a couple search configurations of MAP/MAF I haven't seen anything concerning whether I: Replace the MAF with the MAP and run it to my FI/C to allow the FI/C to signal the ECU based on MAP or; If I can run the two in parallel to my FI/C and have it base fuelling...
  2. Engine Management
    I have been working on a clients car. I personally installed the fic and tuned the car several months ago. He had no problems until his clutch went out...Now with key on engine off my map sensor is reading 3.9 volts. I'm fully aware that this is low...I believe it may be a bad ground. We'll...
  3. Engine Management
    Hi everyone, I am trying to get in contact with the MAP ECU staff over on their forums to see if we can run the MAP ECU 3 on our GKs. ^Here it is. As you can see, this piggyback has TONS of features, and being only...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Need a MAF sensor ASAP! for an 03 tib. Can be used but must be in perfect working condition.
  5. Engine Management
    I Have a tib with the alpine supercharger setup running 4 lbs of boost. I also have the stage 1 mafterburner unit wired in and software ready to tune. I need a base map for the software to load up before i take it to the dyno. can anyone help me out? Thanks dudes
  6. Engine Management
    I'm looking for a chart or the formula to convert a GM 3 Bar Map voltage to PSI, tried searching everywhere but nothing ... any leads would be helpful.
  7. Engine Management
    I need to verify somethings on the TF10 wiring diagram thats being used. TPS is not wired to the TPS signal but to Analog #2, which in turn uses Analog #2 output to modify the signal to force an open loop condition. This I get. The MAP sensor is wired into the TPS input and AMP? Crank Sensor...
1-7 of 7 Results