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  1. Sigma Vs 6G74

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I Come To Believe And Know Now That The Sigma 3.5l V6 From Hyundai Is The Exact Same Engine As The 6g74 3.5l V6 From Mitsubishi ,Same Exact 3,497cc, Same exact 93mm bore ,same 85.8mm stoke, and same exact cast iron block and aluminum heads. So What I Am Wondering If They Are Exactly The same...
  2. CORRECT Fluid Temperature Sensor for Mitsubishi F4A42 4-Speed Auto

    DYI: Fluid Temp Sensor Replacement for Mitsubishi F4A42 A/T This post is now a DYI for transmission fluid temperature sensor replacement in cars equipped with the Mitsubishi F4A42 such as my '07 Tiburon GT, and due to lack of clarity on what I’ve found on the web thus far concerning its DYI...
  3. This may sound a little frankensteinish Eclipse Transmission???

    ok to start off i love this forum especially the DIY section, i love my tib (04 2.0 Manual) but if there was one thing i could change it would be the drive train. every time i look at the car i wish it was RWD. :( people even ask me and assume its RWD because she actually looks like a serious...
  4. problem with my DD

    Other Cars
    I've been rockin' my wife's '04 Galant for a bit while my Tib is down and today it broke down!! My first thought was it was the transmission that went out, the car has a little over 100k miles on it and like I said is a DD, but other inquiries have led me to think that it just might be the...