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  1. FS: Washingtonians buy my computer?

    Non-Car Related Items Need the moneys for ze' school. As you can tell I'm getting desperate, haha. 780 dollars and I will throw in a never used Blackberry Storm
  2. FS: Quad Core 3.00 GHz + Wireless Desktop + ACD 30"

    Non-Car Related Items
    Mods may delete.
  3. P0133 Immediate Help Needed

    Engine Management
    Hello everyone. I need anyone's help as soon as possible. I have P0133, which is Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2 Sensor Slow Response or whatnot. Here's the thing. I've been told by a couple people and by Hyundai tech that Bank 1 is firewall side (or cylinder 1 side). I bought and replaced that upstream...
  4. WTT: Two Monitors for Your Exhaust

    Feelers, Gauging Interest, and Trades
    Two Monitors: 24 inch HP - 1080p - HDMI port 19 inch HP - 720p - DVI/VGA port Both monitors look identical, good for duel monitor setups or just two computers you have in your house. Looking for an exhaust of decent quality... Thanks, Travis
  5. FS: Gaming Computer - 2 LCDs

    Non-Car Related Items
    Hey Guys, Considered myself a gamer a couple months ago cause I had nothing else to do with my time. Now that fraternity stuff and a real engineering job has taken over my life, I no longer have time. For sale is a HP PC with upgraded graphics cards (nVidia 9800GT) and PSU (Antec 550W)...