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  1. Audio & Security
    I found a few similar threads but nothing from this decade, so I figured I'd start this and see what you guys are playing to impress your friends, I'm always looking for more good songs. To start things off, here's some songs I like playing: Asher Roth - La Di Da (Rap) Chill song, good for...
  2. Audio & Security
    So I'm new to the whole audio setup thing. The stock 8" subwoofer isn't really doing it for me. So my question is, how would I go about setting up 2 12" subwoofers? Can I just replace the cars stock amp with an 1,100watt amp or do I have to run a wire from the battery through the firewall and...
  3. Parts Wanted
    I need the factory amp if anyone is willing to sell me one or has an extra laying around. The one in my 03 Tibby is shot and I can't stand the feedback anymore from the speakers.
  4. Audio & Security
    i just bought a Kenwood DDX419 DVD Receiver, and im really excited.. hoping it will get here tomorrow.. ill post a pic when i get it in the car ;) also, question: i want subs and speakers. i dont want to spend top dollar and blow peoples minds. mostly because i dont have top dollar, and i want...
  5. Non-Car Related Items
    Hey everyone! Seeing what i can get for my Vci-100 setup. I am looking to upgrade to an Ns7 and wont be needing this stuff anymore. I would like to keep everything together in a package deal for the buyer, this will insure that everything will work and still be expandable if needed. The Vestax...
1-5 of 16 Results