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  1. Audio & Security
    Hi I am looking into buying a double din head unit for my car. I found one I like that says it is navigation ready. I have two questions. Does this mean it comes with navigation? If it does not then what do I need to buy extra so it will have navigation? The HU Im looking at buying is Pioneer...
  2. Audio & Security
    hey guys, i just got a clarion double din navi for my 08. im gonna try to install it this week with a friend. my only wiring experience is my angel yes lol. i was reading the instructions, im confident we can do it. my only question is where is the speed sensor wire in the 08? im hoping its in...
  3. Feelers, Gauging Interest, and Trades
    Installed once in my brother's truck, just seeing what it would go for. Bought it for $600 new for my brother, letting it go for $500 if anyone is interested. I don't have pics of it installed, maybe my brother does, I'll have to ask him. Here's the site I bought it from...
1-3 of 3 Results