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  1. FS: 04 tiburon gt 2.7 part out

    Parts for Sale
    Have not been here in awhile parting out the tiburon next generation stage 4 upper and lower with ngm 60mm throttle body had direct port nitrous at one time threaded and plugged the holes $850 , ngm front fuel rail with fuel gauge mounted works perfect $60 shipped , zex nitrous bottle with...
  2. FS: NGM Supercharger kit and more

    Parts for Sale
    Hey guys, I've made a post on Facebook about this. The time has come. I'm moving on from the tib scene. As much as I love the car and wanted to keep pursuing this route, it has become too difficult and time consuming. I will be selling the following and prices do NOT include shipping: EDIT...
  3. FS: S/C Built 03 Silver Tib 321WHP/275TQ

    Tiburons for Sale
    As the title states, for sale is my NextGen Supercharged 2003 silver Tiburon pushing 321WHP. Body shows approx 52k miles with approx 20k on the build. Runs and drives solid. Interior and exterior are in good-fair condition but show the wear of a 12 year old car. Just had new slotted and dimpled...
  4. FS: NGM Assassin Supercharger

    Parts for Sale
    Comes with NGM intake manifold, ice box, and 90mm throttle body. Will not separate... $2500
  5. FS: Supercharger, NGM race engine, and more

    Parts for Sale
    Selling all the go fast toys. Mind the mess... I have other things for sale too I just have to take pictures yet. I'll try and take better pics once I get a chance. Also have lots of extra stock parts like cams, heads, etc. NGM Assassin Supercharger $2500 This has less than a few thousand...
  6. Help with sniper install

    V6 - Forced Induction
    So I'm almost done with my sniper install and the only issue I have run into so far that I haven't been able to search on the forums and find the solution to is that my intake is not able to clear the brake booster hose, in fact when I took the the hose off I realized its not even able to clear...
  7. FS: Ngm stage iv upper intake manifold / OBX exhaust

    Parts for Sale
    MANIFOLD SOLD! $500 Shipped, firm on the price. Continental US only, otherwise buyer will pay shipping. Manifold is in good shape, some minor wear, and runs fabulous. Parting out the tib because it's time to move on, unfortunately. Serious buyers only! Msg me. PAYMENT PENDING FROM TIBLET...
  8. WTB: Stage 0 NGM SC kit

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for stage 0 NGM super charger kit. The newer and less used the better.
  9. WTB: supercharger stage 0-2

    Parts Wanted
    Mainly interested in a ripp mods SDS but I will settle for a sniper or assassin let me know what you got I have cash for the right setup for an 03 gt Manuel already have most my supporting mods
  10. WTB: Front lip + FL Front Bumper

    Parts Wanted
    Let me know how much shipped to NYC (or I can meet somewhere near). Would also be cool if you linked me to a nice replacement online that isn't too expensive.
  11. WTB: Looking for many important parts for my build

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking to buy stock cams or stage 2 cams,ngm's adjustable gears and sprockets,the ngm cooling kit,dc headers,a stage 4 lower manifold,2.7 lightweight pulleys(doubt I'll find those), and 360cc injectors
  12. FS: NGM Stage 0/1 reflash for 360cc rare

    Parts for Sale
    I got a NGM sniper stage 0/1 reflash ECU (4 bit) for sell and must use with 360cc injectors. This reflash is tuned for stage 1 with 360cc, I/H/E, stage4 lim, and 70mm tb but I was using it on stage 0 without the stage4 lim and 70mm tb. This reflash made a real difference in power that you can...
  13. WTB: Ngm Assassin Reflash or Reflashed ECU

    Parts Wanted
    Hey all I'm new to this whole forum thing but I'll keep this simple, I'm getting the whole Assassin setup except for the reflash, was wondering if someone has it lying around or another tune like it thanks. Also, I have a 6speed 05 SE, in case there are compatibility constraints.
  14. 360cc injector with 310cc reflash ok?

    V6 - Forced Induction
    I want to go stage 2 s/c soon but I have 360cc injectors and a ngm stage 2 reflash for 310cc injector, will it be ok to use 360cc on a 310cc reflash?
  15. Pulley boys, ngm and alpine pulley question

    V6 - Forced Induction
    So looking on the pulley boy site it says the ngm pulleys are made for the ngm supercharger 2.0 so will this work for the 2.7 superchargers? Also people still debate that the ngm and alpine pulleys are compatible and aren't compatible with our supercharger kits. Please give some feedback and...
  16. 70mm tb vac leak can it be fixed?

    V6 - Forced Induction
    My 70mm tb has a bad vac leak by where the cable goes that controls the butterfly valve, can this be fix? What happen was I launched my car and the tb bashed in to my rrm strut bar that I just got a week ago. Dont want to get another 70mm tb witch I cant even find.
  17. WTB: Sniper or Alpine Stage 0 Supercharger

    Parts Wanted
    I'm looking to buy an alpine or NGM Sniper stage 0 supercharger kits for my 06 v6 tib. Ideally looking to spend around 2k on it, but message me with any offers and we will go from there. Thanks
  18. Someone do a ngm sniper install guide?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I'm not a mechanic or a car genius and many people other than myself that aren't car geniuses would like someone to do a step by step of how to install the supercharger kits from the easy bolt on stage 0 through base. In my opinion I think that be very helpful.
  19. Get my '03 to 340 whp

    New Member Introductions
    Hello gentlemen, I have an '03 Tib GT w/ 6-speed manual and my engine just blew, weak rod that decided to punch through the block and oil pan. I was already planning on doing some work, so here we go... I've been looking at the NGM engines and I still can't figure out what the bhp that is...
  20. FS: Sniper Stage 0/1 Pulley 3.4"

    Parts for Sale
    Got a Sniper pulley for sale in great condition. Was previously on a blower but was taken off with great care. Asking $40 plus shipping. Willing to ship anywhere.