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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    After some tries and failing i now need to repaint my car somewhere. Now i wondered if i should go for the same LS hyundai gray or go for another color. I have been looking for what will look good on my car but gray is the only thing that seems right. Personaly i realy like the gray but...
  2. Car Care
    Hi, newbie here. I've had my 04 Tib for a few months now and absolutely love it, and it's in great condition other than the sides of my seats being pretty badly faded. They're not the leather version, just the fabric that's black around the edges and silver sort of pattern in the middles. The...
  3. Car Care
    I want the car. It's an '08 with 63k miles being sold for $3400 which is a really good deal around these parts. The paint issues won't stop me from buying the car, but I'm interested in learning how I can deal with it in the future. What type of damage is this? Other than professional...
  4. Exterior
    Hey guys, quick question. My Tib currently has a matte black paint job on it (previous owner's ex-wife painted the car baby blue, he was pissed :laugh:) Anyways, there's a large chip in the paint on the bumper. I was wondering if I did the same thing he did (multiple coats of black primer) would...
  5. Exterior
    So I want to plasti dip my stock rims. I have an 05 Dark red tiburon gt but i cant decide what color?? I was thinking anthracite grey by Dip Your Car or Black? I feel like black rims are too common I will also paint my calipers red. Any suggestions??
  6. Car Care
    The pictures below are all from today. For those of you particular enough for this is was 60 degrees (F). I did not know what to expect and I thought the results were amazing!! I bought a Meguiar's Clay Bar kit for like 25 buck and im glad i did. The paint is now smooth like glass. Before...
  7. Exterior
    I bought this 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 last month, its the special edition with the optional 6-speed manual transmission but there is a reason I only paid $2500 for it. It has MANY cosmetic issues and I work a minimum wage job so I need the cheapest solutions. The rear bumper and fuel door...
  8. Interior
    They last a while if you keep using leather conditioner. I painted my seats in my last car and it takes a while for them to wear. Which they inevitably will.
  9. Exterior
    Hey Guys: Long time reader (even before I got my tib). First post so go easy on me :p I know that somebody has already had a post of this but as time goes on there are newer and newer technologies/methods to repairing this pesky pebble chips on you car. Could any of you guys tell me the best...
  10. Tiburon General Discussion
    Ok guys, i have this line on my rear bumper probably it was hit on a wall or a garbage container or something like that because it is a straight line. So my first question is if i can fix it somehow... i don't know how well you can see it from the pictures but it got a bend on the inside...
  11. Exterior
    Hey guys, so I have a black 03. I've been considering painting the stock rims black. Maybe white. I'm not sure. Has anyone done this and if so how does it look? I'd love to see pics!
  12. Interior
    Wanted to do this for awhile now, but which is best? I want to dress up the interior and they have vinyl kits that allow you to change the color of the dash and interior by sticking the vinyl on. Ive seen it get pretty expensive to by the kit to do this, so would spray painting be easier if I...
  13. New Member Introductions
    So, I just got my Tib on Saturday. (03 GT V6 Op. 3 package) And I'm looking to do some simple, easy improvements to start out with. I fixed the broken vents in the cabin, and re-wired the sub (amazing difference.) Bought a Tuscani badge and some silver inside door grips that aren't all...
  14. Exterior
    Painting my lug nuts & grill pink... just wondering if I should use Krylon Fluorescent or not? Or if there's a better relatively cheap brand that would work better. Thanks :)
  15. Exterior
    I recently noticed that the clearcoat on my wing was starting to peal off, I noticed that my dr side and pass side mirrors are doing the same thing so I decided to go ahead and repaint both. I came up with a few design ideas but ultimately picked just a gloss black with chrome pin striping. The...
  16. Exterior
    i will do a DIY when i actually do this, i am curious has anybody else painted them? i have a 03 noble white thinking about painting arms, or blades noble white. Let me know which i should paint!
  17. Car Care
    i have looked through the forums and could find much about this company called i have a tiburon SE in sunburst yellow (code YY) and was shopping for touch up paint. this place offers custom spray cans for around $20 bucks. i was going to order some for the tib but i know...
  18. Exterior
    just picked up my baby from the paint shop after getting my cf hood replaced with an oem one and i got the spoiler repainted. took these photos before the camera died, more will be on my profile within the next few days! everybody like my foggy headlight?
  19. Exterior
    umm i have been looking into a piantjob and saw chameleon paint or thermochromic paint. Sorry if i butchered the spelling. but basically its just paint that changes with temperature. can anyone post pics if they have this? so i can see if it turns out nice or not? thanks =)
1-19 of 32 Results