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  1. Exterior
    I want to start adding to my Tiburon and there are a few that look similar to mine in my area. I wanna add some kind of decals or stripes or something like that to it. But i cant figure out what colors would look good with the color of my Tib. its a darker navy blue 2007 all stock with soon to...
  2. Exterior
    Need your opinions on paint estimates.. My Orange Crush Tib needs some fresh paint to restore the damage she's sustained over the years. So far I went to two different paint and body shops in the area. The first place: paint and repair all the little dings and scratches around various spots on...
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    My wife sent me this pic of a Tib around Jacksonville NC, and when she sent it she told me she gave my Tib a new paint job (the pic shown below) i just about flipped out, but its still a pretty interesting TIb
  4. Exterior
    Well Ive decided that I wanna do black, but as far as the second color goes, I change my mind on what I want daily haha. I have an 06 Tib with no bodykit and Seibon SC Carbon Fiber hood, to give you an idea with what Im working with. So I wanna get some other people's opinions, whats your...
  5. Exterior
    umm i have been looking into a piantjob and saw chameleon paint or thermochromic paint. Sorry if i butchered the spelling. but basically its just paint that changes with temperature. can anyone post pics if they have this? so i can see if it turns out nice or not? thanks =)
1-5 of 5 Results