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  1. North Central USA
    Didnt know if anyone needed to do any work on the rides. ill be working on my jeep this week a lot. figure i could use a little help, and maybe you could use some too. if you want, let me know 2morrow i will be doing brake lines, and a fuel tank.
  2. Hyundai Tech
    My car is 6ish months old, give or take 2 months. I have rust spots on my door and my fenders..and my quarter panel. They aren't noticeable but they are there. I'll snap some pics tomorrow of them but they are disgusting to look at. I wash my car every week or so and wax it every couple of...
  3. Member Profiles
    I know...I know, this was way past due. BUT Mods and stuff. Stage 3 UIM Ported LIM SSA headers Injen CAI 58mm BBTB AEM F/IC (soon to have) Borla Exhaust (soon to have) DTS coming 2011
1-4 of 7 Results