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quarter panels

  1. My 04 Tib - Body Damage - Can It Be Saved?

    Hey all - As mentioned in a previous thread, I just picked up an 04 GT off of craigslist for dirt cheap on account of some nasty body damage (and a desperate seller). I've been trying to figure out the best solution to repair the body, and would love to tap into the wealth of knowledge everyone...
  2. <Tib Newbie> Bumper Kit - Quarter Panels - 04 GT Journey

    Hey all - Just a quick note of thanks to all the great contributors on the forum. I just picked up my first Tib last week on a whim. Came across a Craigslist ad, got a good deal on an 04 GT, and have been trolling the forum ever since. Body damage to the better part of the rear, and I'm having a...
  3. WTB: 04 Tib GT - Looking 4 Rear Bumper & Quarter Panels

    Parts Wanted
    Hey folks! Just picked up an 04 GT on craigslist with some rear damage. Looking to replace the Rear Bumper and both Driver & Passenger side rear quarter panels. I'm in the Los Angeles/So Cal area and would love to find someone in the Southwest for a possibly pickup, or a reasonable cost of...
  4. vents for quarter panel

    does anyone know where i can get vents for my quarter panels, like the ones on the fenders but bigger for the quarters?