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  1. Question

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello, I am not a car expert but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about shock replacement? What should I get?
  2. Brake Rotor question for 6spd

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I have a 2003 v6 6 speed are the brake rotors the same as a 5spd gt v6. Because I am ordering new rotors and notice some brake rotors for Tiburon say exclude 6 speed models.
  3. Thinking about life and?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Thinking about maaaaad things to do to my tiburon And just wondering is it at all possible to have a exhaust that's in the center of the bumper instead of duals? Has anybody done this yet?
  4. Question about Angel Eyes

    Okay so I had an idea about switching out to Angel Eyes. It is my understanding (and correct me if I am wrong) that you need 100mm for high beam, and 90mm for low beam. I really want to build a custom unit for my fog lights to put angel eyes in them as well. I have seen people do it for their...
  5. Where to buy OBX catback for V6

    New Member Introductions
    Title says it, i am from Canada, Ontario where no vendors supply OBX products.. Tried emailing 3 ebay suppliers and i have not gotten a reply yet. Who can i buy the dual catback exhaust system from, that ships to Canada and does not charge $200 for shipping? Thanks.
  6. Tool ? for Power Steering line repair

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    My pressurized power steering line that runs from the pump to the rack has a leak and I need to replace it. Last weekend I jacked the car up and remove the driver's side front tire only to find that the nut connecting the line to the rack is in such a sh!%ty position that I didn't have any tools...
  7. New to the Tiburon community!

    New Member Introductions
    First of all I just want to introduce myself! I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful blue '05 Tiburon, which is also my first car. Second I want to work on some things to really make it my own, and thought putting in some new headlights and maybe some angel eyes would be a good place to start. I...
  8. Difference between GS and GT

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Is there any difference between the gs and gt besides the engine?