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  1. How did I win??

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    So here's the back story, a friend of mine recently bought a supercharged cobalt SS 2010, those cars make about 205 hp (not sure if BHP or WHP) and so we wanted to test our cars against each other, so we took it to a highway thats closed for being repaved (live in saskatchewan canada so this is...
  2. racing on a DRAG STRIP tips

    New Member Introductions
    hey guys. my friend an i have decided to move our race from the streets to a track to prevent injury and problems. he wanted to make it officialo at a track anyway. its a best 3 out of 5 for $150. i have an '03 tiburon with a SRI and he ha a '97 integra with I/E. he just put in a b16 tranny and...
  3. tips on racing from a dig?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    hey guys. racing my friend from a dig tonight. best 3 out of 5 for $150. i have an '03 tiburon with a SRI and he has a '97 integra with I/E. he just put in a b16 tranny and claims his gears are a lot faster and thinks he can beat me. i havent raced much from a dig so any tips? launch point...
  4. exhaust

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Little clip of exhaust note. not really stepping on it and granny shifting just to get a good sound of it. what do you guys think?
  5. NGM Full Race Long Block

    I4 - Naturally Aspirated
    I'll be honest I've never swapped an engine and I don't plan on it at this point, but... would this fit in a '03 i4 Tib? What would have to be changed? (more specific than everything) If your going to complain save your time and dont post
  6. Byron, IL Speedway Test and Tune!

    North Central USA
    Korndog517 and I are going to be running on a test and tune day at Byron Speedway on October 18th, one week from now. We have quite a few local people going and would like to see more tuners there. If anyone is free, sorry about short notice, you should hit us up at the track. Hope to see you...
  7. Drive Your Way - Genesis Coupe

    Video Forum
    Video romanticizing the Genesis Coupe street scene. See plenty of Genesis Coupes customized for street and track. Enjoy the subtle story line behind the video.