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  1. what radio should i get?

    Audio & Security
    im looking to buy a radio for my 07 tiburon SE (it has the gauges so i need a smaller radio so it can fit, what do you guys recommend?
  2. FIXED 2003 Tiburon factory infinity stereo, works great.

    Audio & Security
    Hi everyone! This is my first post here but I am a member of several other forums for several different brands, and here is why. I work for a small service shop that also sells used cars, we mostly work on and sell Honda/Toyota products, as well as other Asian brands. Occasionally when I can...
  3. Crackly speakers and crazy door locks

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So ever since ive had my car my passenger door lock has had a mind of its own. Locking and unlocking whenever it wants. Im thinking door lock actuator? Also my front speakers have been a little crackly. You cant hear it when you turn the radio up a little but the speakers have done it when i had...
  4. FS: Pioneer Double Din DVD/Nav unit +SiriusXM

    Parts for Sale
    Recently totaled my 08 tibby and I pulled out the Pioneer head unit I put in it. Unit is a Pinoeer AVIC F90BT. It comes with all accessories and wires. It's also already harnessed for an 08 (not sure the full range of years that share radio harnesses), also I wired it so you can watch DVD;s...
  5. FS: F/L Headlights, Weapon-R Torque Damper, Center Console Fascia

    Parts for Sale
    Torque Damper, Center Facia, and Headlights for sale I am selling the following parts (All item prices are negotiable. Just contact me.)...
  6. WTB: Need a factory amplifier

    Parts Wanted
    I need the factory amp if anyone is willing to sell me one or has an extra laying around. The one in my 03 Tibby is shot and I can't stand the feedback anymore from the speakers.
  7. 03 GT Radio Problems! Please help!!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    HISTORY About 2 months ago I purchased a used 2003 Tiburon off of a guy and when i turned the radio up on the way home it would play the music but as soon as a bass note or some loud note would play it would muff it out, so when I got home i decided to pull all the spliced wires (that he did...
  8. stock with no antenna?

    Audio & Security
    Hey guys, I have an 08 GT limited with a Pioneer DEH4200-UB an my radio signal really sucks. I don't live in the country or in an area that is bad about radio signal. I had this HU in my old Grand Am and it was always fine. The difference is that the GA had a normal antenna and my tib doesn't...
  9. odd-ball radio security..

    Audio & Security
    recently i had to switch back to my stock HU because radio theft is up in my area and i have no window tint or alarm, not that either one of these stopped the last guy who stole the radio from my previous car. i ordered one of these...
  10. 03 Tiburon Aftermarket head Unit Sound Problem!!

    Audio & Security
    :problem: I have an 03 tibby (and after replacing tranny and lower control arm starting to get disgruntled) I have a Pioneer 3400ub aftermarket head unit that I've been wanting to hook up. I got my wiring harness for my Infinity sound system today, and after switching out the lca and changing...
  11. touchscreen!

    Audio & Security
    i just bought a Kenwood DDX419 DVD Receiver, and im really excited.. hoping it will get here tomorrow.. ill post a pic when i get it in the car ;) also, question: i want subs and speakers. i dont want to spend top dollar and blow peoples minds. mostly because i dont have top dollar, and i want...
  12. Cruise Control Won't Work

    When i got my 06 Tiburon Gt, the OEM radio had been taken out and replaced with a pioneer. I have since tracked down another OEM and put it back in. Before i replaced the pioneer, the cruise control worked fine. But since the crusie control doubles as the radio control, my cruise control wont...
  13. HELP!!! Infinity 2003 Stereo wiring harness cut

    Audio & Security
    I bought a 2003 Tiburon gt about 2 years ago. It already had some work done to it and I was happy with it until I went to change the headunit. Whoever worked on this car before me is a A**hole/Idiot. Now heres my problem im trying to hook up a new radio and cant use a harness adapter because the...
  14. 2000 Tiburon audio question

    Audio & Security
    I just bought an amp and sub and wiring kit. I have a 2000 tiburon and was wondering if im going to need to get a new reciever or if i can use the stock cd/radio and hook the sub up to that? Any advice would be helpful. I'm not very good with cars or car audio. Thanks
  15. Need Electrical/Wiring HELP with 04 GT

    New Member Introductions
    Okay so where do I begin. This is a 2004 TIburon GT limited editon 6 speed with the infinity sound system harness. I have new HU amp speakers, the works. The guy who owned the car before me cut the Original Harness for the radio out. And the only way to get the radio to work is to connect both...
  16. FS: Black interior part out

    Parts for Sale
    2003 part out: Interior: 1. OEM leather bucket seats (black) - $350 (pick up only) - SOLD 2. GK center console (no shifter trim) - $50 3. GK radio trim bezel (matte black) - $25 4. GK door cards (trim panels removed; smoked courtesy light...
  17. FS: Kenwood radio +XM module.

    Parts for Sale
    Hey, haven't been on here in ages... I've had this Kenwood radio, that I took out of my 08 tibby, sitting around for the past 3 years. It's in PERFECT shape. I took it out a month into having the car. It was the stock radio that came with 07-08 year models. Also XM came with those years so i...
  18. Short antenna no radio signal

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I recenly bought a short antenna for my tiburon. Its an ARK antenna. But now i get terrible radio signal. This is really annoying, but idk why it would be the antenna causing this because all the newer cars have short antennas and they get fine radio signal. Can anyone help me out
  19. FS: Suspension and other things

    Parts for Sale
    Long story short. Wrecked car, parts for sale: [ V6 CAI $150 Front/Rear Strut Bar $120 (SOLD TO GALAGHER) OEM Radio $30 Don't have a picture of the tires cuz they are in storage right now, but they are the OEM 17' wheels painted matte black and one of them has a flat. The other three have...
  20. Need immediate help with lights! a lot of them!!

    Okay heres the deal. I bought leds for my car, in the process of installing them during the daylight. I messed up big time, I hooked them up to my cig lighter and the leds work amazing! The problem I found out later that night, in my car the lights do not work but only in three areas. The gauge...