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  1. Diodedynamics Angel eyes Remote Problem

    New Member Introductions
    I have recently installed My CAI on my Tiburon and everything works fine and all, I had to unplug the Battery and i have My Angel Eyes Installed , there's nothing wrong with them they're really awesome and I love them so much , but here's the problem ! since I unplug my battery , when I put...
  2. Changed the shell for my remote, now the range sucks

    New Member Introductions
    So i recently bought and replace my key fob to a switchblade. I was able to successfully convert all the old remote components into the new shell and re synced it to my car (turn the key to ACC and pressed unlock and had the hazard lights flash a couple of times). The only issue is that the...
  3. remote start

    Audio & Security
    has anyone installed their own remote start before? ive had this one sitting in my back seat for about 2 years now. i only paid 100 dollars for it and anywhere i go its at least 200 to install which i think is stupid. i emailed...
  4. Wireless Paddle Shifters

    SFR Product page: Let's start out with the fact that the performance aspect doesn't concern me, I just enjoy paddle shifters. Now.. If I have this correct; the wireless shifters can be placed any where on the car. So, If I installed these...
  5. How-To remote mount a turbo

    V6 - Forced Induction
    i'm going to try to put everything on here but it WILL take a few days to get everything on here... so please post in the other remote mount thread (one where i finished my install) until i'm done with this... oh yeah... i'm not responsible for anything... period... anywhere... to anyone... for...
  6. Alarm & Remote start

    Audio & Security
    Anyone know if there is a difference between which Alarms & Remote starts you can use with a manual tranny tiburon? I don't want to buy one until I know whether I can buy one and it will work... OR whether I have to find a specific type. Please and Thanks!
  7. DIY: Remote Key/FOB Programming after the battery dies

    DIY Interior
    So if you're reading this, you either replaced your batteries or your remotes just randomly stopped working (like mine did - awesome!). Here's how to fix it. 1. Your alarm is probably going crazy. Get in the car and close the door. 2. Wait for the alarm to shut off and insert your key...
  8. Remote wire location on 08 tib stock radio?

    Useless info [I had a 12 JL in my car, hooked it up like crap, I took out the radio and could not fine the remote wire. I just got some 2 12" Lanzar and I want it all clean. I already asked were to drill in the firewall. I had the JL remote wire hooked up to a prong on a fuse and shoved in the...