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  1. Backseat tabs stuck! Please help!

    The tabs at the front of my back seat seem to be broken or stuck, I can't them to release the bracket on the seat (I know I have all the bolts out). They worked in the past but were a pain. Any ideas on how I can get them out short of cutting the bracket? Thanks y'all!
  2. ...somebody keyed my hood. HELP!

    Car Care
    So I've only had my car for about a week and I was super excited about it. today, some a"#hole decided to key it when it was parked at the mall. not sure if it's a key scratch, might have been something else. Can I repair something this big myself or do I need to get it repainted?
  3. *Important* Spun Bearing, Engine Removal

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    So, I spun a bearing on the tib and now have a rod knock....... -_-................. FML. And I have not found a single thread anywhere showing a step by step or a DIY of a removal with a A/T. My buddies shop has all the resources to do it, and luckily I've found a replacement motor locally...
  4. Need Help Removing Secondary O2 Sensor!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Anybody have any tips or know of a place which would be willing to remove my secondary O2 sensor from the stock flex pipe for a decent price. I'm trying to install a header and cant get the bolt off and currently, money is the greatest right now. If anyone knows of a possible way to remove it...
  5. FL/2 Headlamp Assembly Removal?

    Ok, so I feel like the biggest dbag in the universe (well beyond the level of the cast of Jersey Shore) for having to ask this question, but here goes... I got my DDM 5k HID kit yesterday and I was following Optimumminds HID DIY. I'm at the point where I have the middle cover off and all six...
  6. Pacific Northwest PDR techs?

    Car Care
    Does anyone know of some independent PDR techs that are relatively cheap and get the job done? The auto detailing shops in Lynnwood want 400 dollars to fix a two dings on my hood.