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  1. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    I'm thinking of changing my stock rims at some point but really want wider tyres. I've been told the widest you can go safely is 235, is this right? By safely I mean no modification needed like rolling fenders and so on. This is 17" btw
  2. Parts Wanted
    Tired of my old wheels falling apart, losing air, chrome beading, one bent from a pothole, etc. Looking for something used and cheapish, perhaps an unwanted and forgotten old set someone has laying around. I don't care about curb rash or appearance as long as the wheels aren't bent and actually...
  3. North East USA
    Set of 4 original 16" wheels from '05 Tib... complete with peeling finish. Note, these are very much used! Hit me up if you're local to Detroit and want to purchase.
  4. Exterior
    Hey guys, Just looking for some picture examples of all the wheel colors you guys have on your sharks! I'm looking to buy new wheels and want to see what looks best. Share away! Thanks! E
  5. Parts Wanted
    HMU. I'm in Houston TX. Local preferred. shipped is fine. Just need to get buy cheap. Tires or no tires idc, i'm just gunna pull the tires off. Condition unimportant as long as they aren't bent and they hold the tire and pressure. yada yada you know what I mean.
  6. New Member Introductions
    hi there guys i have an 03 tibby thats all stock, i want to make the car look lowered and eat the gap in my wheel what size tires should i get and rims to eat the gap without rolling fenders or changing shocks on a stock tibby? whats the max i can go before it scrapes wheel...
  7. Parts Wanted
    looking for some wider wheels than my current setup. Right now im running Katana CR5 17x7 with 1 inch spacers. Im looking for an 8.5-9 inch rim either 17 or 18 inch. So if anyone is interested in trading wheels or selling some let me know. Heres A couple pictures if anyone is wanting to trade...
  8. Tiburon General Discussion
    I've had them on my tib since I bought it. I've done mass research and found nothing, I know that seems silly but I really don't know. Any help would be much appreciated:nerd2: I think it says SR, but I'm not sure. You tell me.
  9. Exterior
    I have a midnight blue tib and i'm wanting to buy new rims for it, but i don't know what color to get. Right now i have stock rims on and they're plastidipped white. I think that looks pretty nice. Let me know what you guys think and what colors you think would be good!:smile2:
  10. New Member Introductions
    I have a few option rims I'm decided to go with. There 16inches, Im just going to use the tires already on my car and swap out the OEM rims and put the new ones on. The tires are 205/50or45 (not sure) R16 , not sure what the width of the '03 OEM rims are either. These are the rims that I'm...
  11. Tiburon General Discussion
    I'm looking to upgrade something on my 2008 GS Tib, but i'm not sure what I should do first. I'm thinking either Hana bumper and eyelids Exhaust Rims I have 17" rims on my tib right now, and I really like the rim style that BlackCasper2005 on NT has on his. I can't post any pictures because...
  12. Exterior
    i have an 07 Tiburon SE. the color is a dark gray and i cant seem to find a color that looks good with the gray. Any suggestions?
  13. Exterior
    So I want to plasti dip my stock rims. I have an 05 Dark red tiburon gt but i cant decide what color?? I was thinking anthracite grey by Dip Your Car or Black? I feel like black rims are too common I will also paint my calipers red. Any suggestions??
  14. Parts Wanted
    Hey there im looking for coils for my '05 tib. also looking for decent wheels too. i have stock 17's on now. Gold would be preffered but if not ill plasty dip them.. let me know what you guys got!
  15. Exterior
    Ive been looking for some new rims to spice up my Tibbys look and i think Ive found the ones i want but have absolutely no idea what brand they are. If anyone can help me out here id really appreciate it.
  16. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Hey everyone. Im looking for a set of rims for my 2003 Tiburon. Nothing too fancy just a little something to make it unique. Any suggestions on a cheap(er) brand that looks good on Tibs? Or if anyone in the PA/Jersey area is looking to sell rims let me know. Thanks
  17. Exterior
    could someone please tell me what rims these are ?
  18. Member Profiles
    This is my first Tiburon. Bought it from the dealership I used to work at for $5,500 after TTL. It was about to be put on a truck and sent to auction and I signed the papers literally as the truck showed up. Left the dealership with 49k on the odometer and within the first year put almost 23k...
  19. North Central USA
    I have a few things for sale but do not have 100 posts yet so i thought i would post in here. I live in OH. I am selling the stock cat back exhaust system, stock 17 inch gt rims, and some beat up 03-04 headlights that someone could restore for a project. Exhaust In good working condition. Has...
1-19 of 69 Results