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  1. Exterior
    I recently installed HID headlights and LED driving/turn signal lights with resistors so that they dont hyperblink. That wasnt a problem because there was information on which of the 3 wires is the turn signal wire and ground wire so I could easily install the front turn signal leds. But now...
  2. New Member Introductions
    How I found you !! I love this place. Hope I can stay around. Bought a used 2004 Tiburon and I'm in love. I'm not a whiner at all.. just stating the facts here. The sale went too easy.. but I didn't care. I was lucky.. the car came with a file folder and all the goodies. Reading through it...
  3. Audio & Security
    Hey guys, I have an 08 GT limited with a Pioneer DEH4200-UB an my radio signal really sucks. I don't live in the country or in an area that is bad about radio signal. I had this HU in my old Grand Am and it was always fine. The difference is that the GA had a normal antenna and my tib doesn't...
  4. Tiburon General Discussion
    I recenly bought a short antenna for my tiburon. Its an ARK antenna. But now i get terrible radio signal. This is really annoying, but idk why it would be the antenna causing this because all the newer cars have short antennas and they get fine radio signal. Can anyone help me out
1-4 of 6 Results