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  1. V6 - Forced Induction
    I am looking to supercharge my '03 Tib V6 and I have a few questions. I have done hours of research but I still have a few questions. The supercharger I'm looking at is a Sniper Stage 0. The questions I have are: Will I need to/Can I tune the stock ECU? Reflash? Would a plug & play Engine...
  2. V6 - Forced Induction
    So I'm almost done with my sniper install and the only issue I have run into so far that I haven't been able to search on the forums and find the solution to is that my intake is not able to clear the brake booster hose, in fact when I took the the hose off I realized its not even able to clear...
  3. Parts for Sale
    I got a NGM sniper stage 0/1 reflash ECU (4 bit) for sell and must use with 360cc injectors. This reflash is tuned for stage 1 with 360cc, I/H/E, stage4 lim, and 70mm tb but I was using it on stage 0 without the stage4 lim and 70mm tb. This reflash made a real difference in power that you can...
  4. Parts Wanted
    I have a 2005 GT with Intake and Exhaust. Looking for a stage 0 or 1 Sniper supercharger. Really not looking to dump a lot of cash into it. Just want a flat out price and pics if any.
  5. V6 - Forced Induction
    I want to go stage 2 s/c soon but I have 360cc injectors and a ngm stage 2 reflash for 310cc injector, will it be ok to use 360cc on a 310cc reflash?
  6. Parts for Sale
    Step right up, goodies for sale~~~ TCE Wilwood 12.2" front big brake kit Two piece rotors, calipers, braided steel lines, and lightly used pads. SOLD 5000 miles TCE Wilwood 11.75" rear 2-piece rotor upgrade Two piece rotors, stainless lines, appropriate hardware for install Helps push the...
  7. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking to buy an alpine or NGM Sniper stage 0 supercharger kits for my 06 v6 tib. Ideally looking to spend around 2k on it, but message me with any offers and we will go from there. Thanks
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello gentlemen, I have an '03 Tib GT w/ 6-speed manual and my engine just blew, weak rod that decided to punch through the block and oil pan. I was already planning on doing some work, so here we go... I've been looking at the NGM engines and I still can't figure out what the bhp that is...
  9. V6 - Forced Induction
    I have a clean blue 2008 2.7 V6 (Currently NA) and I want to go SC so badly. I've read just about every thread about SC I could to gobble up all the information I could. I have a hefty amount of information that I didn't have a few days ago. I'm in love with SC now and can't wait to get mine put...
  10. V6 - Forced Induction
    I'm thinking of putting an NGM Sniper stage 0 supercharger on my 2006 v6 tib. However, I got the compression checked about a year ago and one of the cylinders (cylinder 1) was about 150 psi. This was about 15 psi lower than the rest of the cylinders. Should this be a problem for supercharging...
  11. Parts for Sale
    Got a Sniper pulley for sale in great condition. Was previously on a blower but was taken off with great care. Asking $40 plus shipping. Willing to ship anywhere.
  12. V6 - Forced Induction
    Soon to buy NGM Sniper Kit Stage 1. Looking for input/advice on "shopping list" Hi, I am planning to get the stage 1 sniper kit from ngm. I did some research and so far, my supporting mod to-buy list consists of: Stage 2 Carbon Kevlar Clutch/Flywheel Combo- $350.00...
  13. Parts Wanted
    70mm plenum for ngm s/c As title says, WTB 70mm plenum for ngm sniper s/c. please sent me a pm if got one for sell. thanks
  14. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a mp62, will trade my mp90 or will buy outright.
  15. Parts Wanted
    Looking to buy a Stage 0 or 1 Sniper S/C with all the goodies. PM me please, Thanks.
  16. Parts for Sale
    I decided to get rid of the Tiburon, and had to sell it stock, so now everything is for sale. None of the prices include shipping. I put about a total of 5000 miles on all of the parts, unless described differently below. All of the stock Engine parts have about 50,000 miles on them. Parts...
  17. Parts Wanted
    I'm looking for a NGM 70mm Billet Plenum for sniper mp62 and a U bracket roller, let me know if anyone wants to sell them. I want to run my s/c now!
  18. Parts for Sale
    Hello, up for sale MAFterburner stage 1, with USB to serial adapter and CD. SOLD Also have 2.9 NGM pulley, a few dings from removal but straight and true. Will give about 0.5 less psi than a 2.8 pulley. $25 shipped Stock 03 black seats, I think shipping would be outrageous for the...
  19. V6 - Forced Induction
    So here's the issue. I've got an '03 GTV6 and am installing a Stage 2 Sniper kit. Before the start of the install, she ran fine with I/H/E, Stage 2 clutch, lightened flywheel, SAFC II, and Zeitronix wideband AFRM, all of which, with the exception of the clutch/flywheel, I installed myself...
1-19 of 26 Results