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  1. Tiburon General Discussion
    So, I've been working on fitting an 18x10 +25 with a 235/45r18 on the rear for a while. In order to fit the wheel, I need camber, which is fine because im literally stancing my car. Anyways, for camber, I had to use a 20mm spacer to avoid hitting the strut which obviously caused more poking...
  2. Member Profiles
    Hello everybody! I'm Jason 20 and from Belgium (explains why it says coupe) I have my car a bit longer then a year now and modifications are coming fast now, so I thought to finally make a thread and post them. You might recognize my picture's from the Tuscani nation Facebook Enjoy. my first...
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    Hello everyone i came to the forum to get some general idea for what kind of look i want for my tib i have a 07 i4. I want to lower it and have been looking for some coilovers and i hear a lot of bad for racelands coils so i don't know if i want those. Anybody used these and have a opinion...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Once again hello everyone, Today I was looking to lower my car I was thinking coilovers but the city im in some strrets are made to destroy cars other smooth. So I decided why not us air suspension so I can choose when or not to give my car a nicer stance depending on roads. And I found a few...
  5. Member Profiles
    Well it started out simple, I received the car from my dad as a graduation present, first thing I did was plastidip of course! Had some home made center caps as well.
  6. Exterior
    Ok heres the thing, i have been searching high and low for a new set of wheels on my 04 tib. Im currently running 17x7 with +38 offset, I want something more in the range of 18x7.5 or 8 and more offset. I want something with more of an aggressive stance so they come closer to the edge of the...
  7. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Can't seem to find this size in any of the fitment threads, if its out there, please point me in the right direction, if not, what are your thoughts? Fine on stock height? Rolling/Pulling/spacing/camber needed? Any help appreciated thank you. Would take more time to look through old threads but...
  8. Member Profiles
    I think its about time I made one of this. I purchased my car on March 9th 2012, Ive decided to get a tib because I like the way it looks and I barely see them around my area. I have made some small mods for now. The day I bought it. (3/9/12) I didnt like how the 03 headlights looked so...
  9. New Member Introductions
    right now i have stock everything besides my exhaust system, i really dont want to roll my fenders but i want to get 18" rims and new tires and i want them to sit flush on the fender, i was just wondering what size spacers should i get for the front and back...i have an 04 gt 2.7
  10. New Member Introductions
    I wanna get spacers for my back wheels. And I heard that anything over 5mm isnt safe with factory lugs. Would 5mm even make a difference? I have aftermarket wheels but their still 17s and my car is probably lowered about 2 inches? I just wanna give it a little meaner stance. Please inform!
  11. Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    So ive been working through a friend to get pricing on some wheels. Ill be saving $$$ over the winter for them so im not in any big rush. Im looking at going with either 17-18" wheels. I will definately be rolling and pulling and possibly flaring until they fit. Heres what im thinking so far...
  12. Tiburon General Discussion
    Well, NT's Aggressive Fitment Society seems to be making a pretty noticeable splash in the stance world. WFC blog Alright NT! Keep spitting out some stanced Tibs!
1-12 of 12 Results