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  1. WTB: 03-06 factory amp - NOVA area

    Parts Wanted
    FOUND/CLOSED - 03-06 factory amp - NOVA area Hey All: I have an 03 GT that needs a factory amp. I am located in Northern Virginia. Anyone have one laying around from a past upgrade that they would be willing to part with for a reasonable price? Saw a few on ebay but a little more than I'd...
  2. Head Unit In Infinity Sound System

    Audio & Security
    Okay, so i have an 04 Hyundai Tiburon Gt with the infinity 7 speaker sound system. I bought the car and the sub was missing and i have two twelves of my own and my own amp. But i have no idea how to hook up another head unit to the car. Was hoping for some help with this as in what to do and...
  3. Fixing Headunit Wiring post Theft.

    Audio & Security
    Hey Guys, Been Lurking since 2011 when I got my Tiburon (2005 GK 2.7 Manual), recently it was stolen and I have just got it back so I'm working hard on sorting out everything the scumbag wrecked (it's a long list). Since I'm a new poster I can't post links, but if you want to edit the link...
  4. Gauges in the way of making room for touch screen stereo

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I just bought my first car, which is a 2002 tib 2.7 v6. I love the car and it works and looks awesome. However, I thought the interior could use a touch-up and decided to go with a touch screen stereo with a back up camera installed. problem is, I can't make room for it. I could remove the...
  5. Strange Stereo Volume/Power Issues

    Audio & Security
    Hello again friends! I spent about 30min searching around (on here and google) and couldn't find another person that has the same problem so I am hoping you all can help me out. I have a Sony 52Wx4 Xplode that I installed in my car (would have to pull the unit out to get the model number for...
  6. Bad Wiring, Fuse or What...

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I have an 03 Tiburon GT and the Brights, Dome lights, license plate lights all do not work also every time I turn my car on the clock and my radio is reset back to factory when I got the car when I was trying to get to the pre amp I noticed it looked like the car had been hit there and the amp...
  7. Factory HU connector problem 2003 gsr

    Audio & Security
    can somebody please post a picture of thier head unit connector? i took the pins out to wire a stereo and took pictures, wrote down placement and the after parket stereo didnt work unless i connected the once speaker wire to the illumination+ wire wich makes no sense. I put the connector back...
  8. Decent subs

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Looking for some ideas on a decent sub. I have a dual 400 watt amp and used to have a 12" sony xplod 1200 watt. Was very pleased for about the first year hit really hard, but then the sub blew. Any suggestions? Just looking for something a little better quality not looking to spend a ton of money.
  9. Fuse Box Destroyed Twice

    Hyundai Tech
    I have read the other threads on this problem and it seems many other people have the same issue but there has been no found solution to the problem. The problems I am having are described here in another thread www (dot) newtiburon (dot) com /forums /showthread. php?t=113133. I am now going to...
  10. New Car Stereo

    New Member Introductions
    So I've been looking at better ways to use my iPhone in my car and I stumbled across this. Figured I'd share this with the other Tiburon owners... I can't post links yet, so google devium! I'm gonna wait till it's closer to the pre order's ship date, it started on Kickstarter. Installing a...
  11. help speakers not working

    Audio & Security
    long story short my car got broken into and my stereo got jacked. so now im installing a new stereo myself. i have everything hooked up the wiring appears to be correct. im getting power to the stereo but im not geting any sound output. ive tried tuner, cd, and aux none have sound. any ideas...
  12. Ebay touchscreen radios

    I just got my 2003 Tiburon and I want to buy one of the DVD 7' touch screen stereo on ebay. I was just wondering if they fit the stock dashboard , if not what would i have to buy? IM A NEWBIE
  13. Some Progress Updates (With Video) What Do You Guys Think?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    This is an update on my last video post for my 03 Tiburon GT. Since the last post I. 1) Installed My Aftermarket Stereo. One 12" Cervin Vega Stroker 124, Shriuken Battery, Optima Yellow Top, 2 Gauge Wire, 195 Amp Alternator, AudioBahn HCT2300 Amp 2) Installed My Reground Cams, Custom...
  14. Items needed for 06 tibby V6 GT Limited

    Hi All, I am trying to find a rear seat and passenger seat for my 06 tibby. It has the dark tan or caramel color interior. I cannot find anything close to it around here in junkyards or autobody shops. Also, my infinity stereo w/6cd changer stopped working and I cannot get it to take CDs. it...
  15. stereo problems :/

    Audio & Security
    My stereo in my 08 tibby se, has been acting up lately. I keep looking at it for problems but I can find anything. It shorts out and distorts itself then goes out to silence. Hit a bump, and it tries to play again. It sounds like a connection problem but I can't find it anywhere. I noticed that...
  16. HELP!!! Headunit question

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I got a wiring harness from ebay that was specific to my car (2004 tiburon ) and I soldered the afetermarket to the harness and now I find out that the harness is not the right fit. Am i just doing something wrong or is it just the wrong one?.. This is what I got...
  17. How do I install a stereo system?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Ok, So I'm getting a new stereo system for christmas, and I dont want to pay best buy or anyone like a ridiculous amount to install it. So I couldnt find a good DIY or anything so can someone either link me one or explain how to do it. I'm getting 2 new 6.5" speakers, head unit, and two10" subs...
  18. FS: OEM Infinity Stereo/Radio

    Parts for Sale
    Great condition stock stereo. This is for the tib's with the upgraded stock sound system with the JBL amp. Works perfect and actually sounds pretty boss for stock. $50 shipped Will include the stock JBL amplifier as well if wanted
  19. Putting in new HU & Speakers; need some help

    Audio & Security
    So I have a 2004 Tiburon w/ the Infinity system. I'd like to replace it and I have all the speakers and stuff I want. Here are the links to the speakers & head unit. HU (comes with wiring...
  20. replace stock amp

    Audio & Security
    i have a 2003 gt with the infinity system and i want to replace the stock amp with my own amp, its a kenwood KAC-7252, but i honestly know nothing about amps so i don't know where to start with the wiring. i have the seat and the panel already off and i disconnected the amp from the wires. my...