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  1. Upgrade questions on a 2006 GS

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Hey all. I'm Adam. New member to the forum and saying hello. I recently picked up a 2006 GS and want to do a few upgrades. My first question is: Will GT suspension parts (strut & sway bars specifically) fit the GS model? If so with modification, how much modification? Question 2: Does...
  2. REVIEW: Shark Racing Solid Strut Bar

    Product Reviews
    I got the solid strut bar from shark racing. I ordered it early in the week (cant remember the exact day) and received it on Friday which I was not expecting. I figured it take at least another week or more. First thing I notice is it has a few scratches here and there which I guess is to...
  3. Strut bar

    Wheel, Tire, & Suspension
    Has anyone gotten this strut bar?
  4. FS: New UR strut racing front bar

    Parts for Sale
    installed once, great condition, going with something different. looking for 120 shipped. this is a ur racing front strut bar. just click the first image it will enlarge it 120 SHIPED image host
  5. FS: Suspension and other things

    Parts for Sale
    Long story short. Wrecked car, parts for sale: [ V6 CAI $150 Front/Rear Strut Bar $120 (SOLD TO GALAGHER) OEM Radio $30 Don't have a picture of the tires cuz they are in storage right now, but they are the OEM 17' wheels painted matte black and one of them has a flat. The other three have...
  6. Starting to mod

    New Member Introductions
    Hey there so I just got my first tib, 2003 I4, and after spending this weekend cleaning it up, and many hours searching on NT, I think I've decided on the first mods I'd like to do so please let me know what you think! 1) Injen SRI 2) Exhaust similar to PghTibPirate's with a cherry bomb...
  7. FS: Greddy front strut bar

    Parts for Sale
    selling this strut bar. It's perfectly fine, I just have a manifold spacer so this thing rubs on the hose of top of the throttle body. Its starting to damage the hose so im taking it off. If you dont have a spacer, that wont be a problem. The bar mounts were painted before I got it and looks...
  8. FS: Shark Racing strut bar

    Parts for Sale
    I have a Shark Racing strut bar for sale ... little rough, but its cheap. $80 shipped in lower 48 Has some grinding on the back side to clear the throttle body. There is also a goofy hole in one of the plates. Little paint and its good ... Its a Tiburon bar, but was installed on an Elantra...
  9. WTB: front strut bar

    Parts Wanted
    im looking for a front strut but. something between 45 and 65 shipped. used i wouldnt mind. give me holler
  10. FS: ARK Front Strut Bar

    Parts for Sale
    As the title states I'm selling an ARK Front Strut Bar. $80 Shipped. I got it in mid August and it is in great condition. SOLD
  11. ARK Front Strut bar For Sale

    North West USA
    Hey Guys, I wanted to try and sell this locally before going the route of having to deal with shipping.. As the title states I'm selling an ARK Front Strut Bar. $75 OBO. I got it in mid August and it is in great condition.