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  1. Parts Wanted
    Hey everybody! I would like to buy 5-spd STS. I saw new ones on the internet for around $150, but it's quite expensive for such a simple part. If anybody want to sell their used one or know where to buy cheaper than that it would be appreciated.
  2. Parts Wanted
    I have a 2004 6 speed gt I want to get a short throw shifter for not looking to spend more than $100 but let me know what you have anyways please pm me
  3. Interior
    finished it last night. Its a BIG improvement over the factory one that was peeling and literally shedding all over the console and mission plate. sorry the image is so small. emailed it from my phone before it longer have the original to resend.
  4. Tiburon General Discussion
    I currently have delrin shifter bushings installed with a sts. When I am shifting from 2nd to 3rd (6sp) I get a cluncky feeling. If I switch the delrin shifter bushings back to the stock rubber bushings would that help this? The reason I ask is because sometimes I am able to smoothly get...
  5. Tiburon General Discussion
    Here there are some pictures of my twm sts, installed by myself. Very happy with the product. Adding Red Line MT And old pic to see the difference The New Tiburon :)
  6. Transmissions
    So I got home from work last Thursday to find that my clutch and flywheel has finally come in the mail, I'm a proud owner of a FX300 Clutch Masters Clutch, Lightweight Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel & a TWM STS w/ new bushings & a weighted type-R shift knob. I picked up some dot 4 brake fluid...
  7. Transmissions
    I installed the Ralco RZ STS on a 08 Tib 6 speed. I'm having issues where I shift into 3rd gear, and it makes contact with the console underneath in front of the mission plate. Has anyone else heard of this issue and how do I fix it FAST??
  8. Transmissions
    I installed a Ralco RZ STS into my 08 Tib. Drove around for about 30 miles or so, and pulled into sonic. Sat there for about 10 minutes, then was ready to leave. As i was trying to shift, the shifter started moving freely. So i pulled off the center console around the shifter and the SMALLER...
1-8 of 8 Results