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  1. Audio & Security
    Anyone have any ideas on the best and affordable subs and amp that i can put in my tib? Also any ideas on the wiring? im not the best with this kind of stuff... :)
  2. Audio & Security
    Okay so I have a 2005 SE and I just got my hands on a set of Sony Explod 1200w subs w/ enclosure a Memphis PR 200.2 amp, and a Scosche 500k microFarad compressor. I heard it hooked up in his car and the quality of bass is really impressive. I have switched out speakers before but never...
  3. Audio & Security
    i just bought a Kenwood DDX419 DVD Receiver, and im really excited.. hoping it will get here tomorrow.. ill post a pic when i get it in the car ;) also, question: i want subs and speakers. i dont want to spend top dollar and blow peoples minds. mostly because i dont have top dollar, and i want...
  4. Audio & Security
    I just bought 2 12" volfenhag subs off my friend. Came with amp, wiring, capacitor, the whole she-bang. Can i wire it straight to my stock deck? or do i have to buy and aftermarket. I'm setting it up in a 2003 ford taurus ses. So, any help?
  5. Tiburon General Discussion
    I just got subs for my car. I want the cover for the trunk that hides your cargo so people cant see it. The tonneau cover i think? Does anyone have one? If so how much? Ive searched several junkyards and i called hyundai they said $250 which is insane. Anyone has one or knows where i can get one...
  6. Audio & Security
    Okay so I have sony explode interior speakers hooked up to a 300w pioneer amp, and 2 alpine 10 inch subs, 2 MTX Jackhammer 400w amps, one hooked up to each sub, and they're all from one power source seperated into three with a distribution block so 1 for each amp, same for the ground, now it...
  7. Parts Wanted
    I just bought an '04 Tiburon GT and the 10 inch Infinity Sub that came with it was blown. So I'm just looking for anyone who has one just laying around in their garage that's not being used. I would gladly take it off your hands. Thanks a lot, Josh [Edit]: Need the 8" Stock Sub-woofer!
  8. New Member Introductions
    hey i just recently got a blue 03 tiburon and i already had two 12" kicker c124s in a sealed absolute box running off a 2 channel nitro BMW-482 amp. i ran it with 4 gauge power cable to a distribution block and from there a ran 8 gauge to the amp and another 8 gauge to a 2 farad capacitor. the...
  9. Audio & Security
    hey guy, looking for help here. sick of taking multiple friends in the car so I took out the back seat and I wanna make a custom box that takes up the back seat and looks clean. Does anyone have pics of this? I know pete (ready2play) has a sick setup and was wondering if someone could put...
  10. Parts for Sale
    Asking $500 for local pickup, or in the Oklahoma area. Shipping would be outrageous. But if anyone wanted it enough to pay shipping I would. Anyways it's a custom enclosure, with 2 12" alpine type S DVC 2ohm subs (flush mounted) and an Alpine PDX-M6 600 watt amp. Everything is basically in near...
  11. Tiburon General Discussion
    Ok so today I tried hooking up my amp and subs.. it took a load of time for me and finally ended up not working. So this is my first time doing it and I have no clue what I did wrong. I connected RCA cables, twisted remote cable into the blue/white wires, red power cable connected, fuse is in...
  12. Parts for Sale
    Prices are shipped i've got two rockford fosgate 12in p1s4 subwoofers for sale. nothing wrong with them i just upgraded my system to two 12in alpine type R's so i don't need these anymore. i'm asking $50 for one or $90 for the pair. some info from the site... mod let me know if the pics don't...
  13. Audio & Security
    Hey guys, I'm kind of confused about what's going on with my system. I installed a new sub box with the same subs and amp that I've had and theres barely any bass coming out of it. My old box is ported and the new one isn't. I know that makes a difference but I didn't think this much. What could...
  14. Parts for Sale
    sold sold 12345
  15. Interior
    Just got some F/L seats and door inserts and put them in today, so much better than before and i threw in a pic of my subs as well :)
  16. Audio & Security
    I will be getting a stereo system installed in the near future. I'm looking for suggestions. For example, what head unit, subs, speakers, etc. I'm a total noob when it comes to car audio...keep that in mind :p The budget for EVERYTHING is <$1,000. I'm not looking for the BEST sound, bass, etc...
1-16 of 17 Results