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  1. RHD Tiburon passanger window switch

    Hyundai Tech
    I have a 2008 Tiburon, and my left passenger window switch has fallen out of the socket, ive tried placing it back in but there seems to be a broken piece of plastic.. does anyone know if i could use this cheap one seen here: www . banggood . com /...
  2. 2000 Tiburon Radiator Fans

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So recently, my radiator fan has not been kicking on when at idle, and my car overheats. I'm wanting to know where the sensor that transmits information to the fans is located. Thanks everyone!
  3. A switch in the corner

    New Member Introductions
    I have recently purchased a 1998 Hyundai Tiburon fx. I have been reading up on the turn signal problems of 2nd Gen, and thought I could resolve mine with some how to's. On my search I found in the driver corner of the floor a fuse panel with a switch....what does this switch do? Then I have no...
  4. Its been posted before but there isnt really a definitive answer.... Shed some light?

    Okay so a ton of people have posted in the past about doing a front end conversion on the 2005/2006 Tib to make it like the front end on the 2007/2008. I have seen 2 tibs on other sites (one was a 2005, the other a 2006) that had been converted, as well as the thread about the white 2005 GS-R...
  5. Light Switch Issue / Help?

    Hyundai Tech
    2006 Tiburon SE 6spd Someone tell me what's wrong here... Switch in OFF position - All lights off Switch in Parking light position - All lights off Switch in headlight ON position - Headlights and fogs ON \...
  6. Shiftronic Stuck in Drive **FIX**

    OK, so my shiftronic gave out a few months ago. Basically it will not go into manual mode and just stays in drive. The weather finally got cool enough to be outside during the day down here so I took a look. After doing some research on the topic I found this straight from Hyundai...
  7. Don't know where to put this, Trunk switch circuit?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    anyone know which fuse/relay the trunk switch is linked to if any???
  8. DIY Switch To Turn On Interior Lights?

    Hey everybody, I was wondering if there is a way to install some sort of switch so that the interior lights could be turned on without turning on the headlights/tail lights. It would be useful because sometimes even when its bright outside it can be nearly impossible to see the instrument...
  9. Switch Information

    I have bought all of the swicthes i think possible from various sites. Just thought i would pass along information for anyone thinking of using them for mods. They all have red lights in them for night time illumination and all of the switches for the centre fascia have a specific spot that they...
  10. FS: Random Parts look

    Parts for Sale
    Some Tib parts need gone, reduced prices LOOK Hi fellow tib owners, i have a couple of parts lying around that i will like to get rid off.... they have a price +shipping or local pickup (Central Florida) 1 set of OEM 2006 tiburon gt Springs with 30 k miles on them , went to eibach at that...
  11. WTB: Fog light switch wiring harness

    Parts Wanted
    I just bought a fog light switch to wire up my AE's to, and I don't have a harness for it. If anybody has one that they could sell to me, that would be very much appreciated.
  12. Aftermarket Foglight switch?

    Hey I was at autozone picking up some oil when I saw a lighted touch panel fog lamp switch. The sizing seemed to be pretty ideal for the stock location but it only had 3 terminals V-, V+, and V+ out. Our stock foglamp switch has 5 or so terminals on it, how would one make this work? What are...
  13. WTB: Lock Actuators

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for the door lock actuators from an 03..... yep mine finally went. Tired of being the hobo who climbs in through the hatch....LOL I found a couple brand new OEM actuators for 68 bucks shipped for each one, but looking to see if there was anyone who had some used ones or new ones for...