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  1. Qi Phone Charger

    Greetings! Finished something I've been planning for a while, wanted to share it with all of you. I always thought it was silly to have wires all over for charging phones with the new induction chargers. Why not put one in myself? Parts: I bought a silver Tiburon mission plate from Diode...
  2. DIY Tablet Software Setup

    Audio & Security
    Well We have all seen the numerous tablet install posts. Most go into detail about how it fits in there, while only quickly saying how its running in there. I'm upgrading from an A100 to a N7 so i have to do it all over. So i thought now would be the perfect time to do a step by step setup. To...
  3. Tablet in dash and Tasker auto on/off with power

    Hello everyone, I know there are a lot of other Tablet install threads however I noticed no one really addressed how to set Tasker up to utilize wake/sleep launch app/close without doing any major modifications. below i have attached videos of what I did with mine. Start up...
  4. Nexus 7 Tablet Install OEM Look

    Just finished putting a 32gb Nexus 7 in my 03' Tib. I think it came out really nice. Definitely the best thing I've done to my car so far.
  5. Tablet Install!

    Audio & Security
    Well, my project is finally complete! I was inspired by the other tablet installs I've seen on here and decided it was something that had to be done. First real mod on my car with more to come. I used a 7" Acer Iconia I got on sale plus the miscellaneous cables needed. Ran an extra circuit...