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  1. A new level of ugly.. The WTF Taurus!!

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    With nothing else to do in my spare time I came across this little polished terd. The Ford Taurus is one of the most mediocre cars around.. I came across it looking at body kits for random cars on andysautosport's website. Sale Price: $499.50 cheap of course lmao, no one would buy it...
  2. Ford Taurus SHO

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    ok so i saw a commercial for this an hulu and it just looks awesome. and it is twin turbo charged so what do you guys think about the Taurus SHO here is a vid of it beating out a audi A6, with a v8...
  3. 2010 Ford Taurus; 3.5L Twin-turbo!!!

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    Wow, didn't see this coming!|32705188|216708092|0& When the site appears, watch the video about the 3.5L EcoBoost (nifty little term for it), it'll be in the bottom left.