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  1. flapping sound near tranny

    Hello guys I've had the car for about 8 months now I have an 05 v6 GT and the past 5 months I've gotten a flapping sound around the tranny changed my clutch 3 times and changed my flywheel 2s no matter which I had the car still makes the same flapping sound near the tranny. Took it to 3 shops...
  2. Another clutch chatter thread

    By chatter I mean noise. I just got a CM Stage 3 clutch and flywheel installed, TOB and everything. I'm getting the usual chatter with new clutches at idle or low rpms but it seems to be very loud, and I'm wondering if I'm improperly breaking it in. I'm doing a very careful job of this though...
  3. How do I get the TOB out of the pressure plate?

    So I pulled my 6 speed and noticed the TOB was still snapped in the pressure plate. Everything ive read says you can't reinstall the tranny with the TOB still in the pressure plate, so what is the easiest way to pop the TOB out of the pressure plate without messing anything up so I can throw it...
  4. Just installed clutch now I have questions..

    So I just finished inastalling the cluth on my i4 05 tibby ( dropped the tranny, thatnk god its over with). My first question is, when I shift 1-5 or put in reverse is it supposed to be very difficult after the install? And I mean practically forcing it into gear. My second question: after the...
  5. Unusual Clutch Failure

    So I bought the ARK flywheel with the CM Stage 2 after feeling some major clutch issues (tough to shift into gear, loose pedal, heavy chatter). After searching around places to instal I decided to suck it up and took it to the dealership who installed it for me for $700. I took the old parts...
  6. this ANNOYING sound

    So I just bought my tib yesterday, and the guy told me there was a little rattling at time. But he failed to express just how loud this noise was. I've been trying to search for someone with the same problem but I can't really find someone explaining the same thing.. so here's whats...
  7. __*** How to Do a DIY Clutch Job on a Tiburon's Pull-Type Clutch System ***__

    I see many, many threads pop up on how to go about doing a clutch job on our Tiburons with similar questions: [1] What can I expect from a clutch install job? [2] How does things look like in a clutch job? [3] How do I remove the throw-out bearing (TOB)? [4] How do I correctly install the...
  8. 2004 Clutch Pedal Went To Floor

    Tiburon General Discussion
    My son's 2004 V6 GT with 50k miles. Started with grinding noises for a few days when shifting, then the clutch went all the way to the floor and stayed there. Engine stalled. Got towed to a Hyundai dealer who wants to replace everything from the flywheel to the master and slave cylinders...