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  1. Exterior
    I know the rest of the kit is MS, but the Side Skirts look Supra. Can anyone tell me what exactly it is and where to buy it?
  2. Tiburon General Discussion
    I have a NA v6 with intake+exhaust+headers coming soon, and I was curious about some home tuning solutions. I'm a cheap DIY kinda guy, and my car came with a performance chip, but those seem pretty sketchy. Does anyone have good recommendations for cheap DIY ecu tuning?
  3. Tiburon General Discussion
    I don't see a lot of YouTube videos on Tiburons (more specifically the 4 cylinder model) being good for tuning. Most 4 bangers are good for tuning and modding. How good is the Tiburon for something like this? Has anyone made a 600hp 4cyl Tiburon yet?
  4. Engine Management
    Good checklist to go over BEFORE going to a dyno. While it is geared to dyno runs runs for tuning, it's still a good start... We have created this dyno tuning checklist as a guide for you to follow to ensure your engine and vehicle are in proper condition prior to your tuning session. The most...
  5. V6 - Forced Induction
    What's a good tuning setup for 8psi w/ T3 turbo and 290 injectors? I've got an Safc 2, but what else is good for playing it safe? Also I have plans for getting a zeitronix data logger.
  6. Engine Management
    Besides the hydra which is obviously the best thing to tune with,I'd like to know what majority people prefer to tune with,some say the neo,the aem fic,any other tuning piggybacks/standalone people are using? I'd really like to know people's feedback on how you like using some of these or...
  7. V6 - Forced Induction
    I have a 2003 supercharged tiburon with cold air intake, 18 inch wheels, 6 speed manual transmission and a stage 1 mafterburner wired in my glovebox. over the past few years the car has had issues and ive been in school and unable to afford to fix the problems. I recently dumped the money into...
  8. Engine Management
    Does anyone have a Base Map or have any ideas as to where I can get one for the SMT8-T. I'm looking to use it to run a 5th injector on my 05 MAF based Beta II. Any help or information is appreciated as it is extremely hard to find anything on this tuner lol.
  9. Engine Management
    I'm trying to find a reliable A/F controller for my turbo setup. I'm currently running an Apexi SAFC and i have had nothing but problems with it since i put it in. I've seen a lot of people mention an AEM FIC which sounds promising but i don't have a large budget. Just looking for some advice...
  10. Engine Management
    ok so i have the mafterburner stage 1. I've been tryin to change the tune. I have 440cc injectors for a stage 2 alpine kit. So originally it was running WAY too rich. I made it leaner and its still too rich. It seems like it hit its limit for how lean i can make the injectors go. I even tried...
  11. V6 - Forced Induction
    Have 290cc's on the way. I have a gauge in my fuel rail that tells me my fuel pressure. After the 290s are installed i need to know what my fuel pressure should read on my gauge at idle for the 290cc injectors. Once i have my fuel pressure where i need it to be, i can tune with mafterburner.
  12. Parts for Sale
    Perfect and convenient wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring unit. Includes LM-1 unit, power cable, bosch oxygen sensor and main connecting cable. This unit can be synced to a computer for datalogging and to give you an air/fuel x RPM chart. $200 shipped
  13. V6 - Forced Induction
    Have an 03 tib s/c currently running 3-4 lbs untuned sitting at a perfect 12.1 afr all the way through the rpm band. stock injectors. big walbro fuel pump. also have mafterburner installed. If I were to up the boost to 7psi, and increase fuel pressure, would i HAVE to change the injectors or...
  14. North Central USA
    I have a supercharged tib that i will need to have tuned soon for a 8-9 lb. boost setup. Ill most likely be running AEM FIC. Is there anyone in the KC area who could tune this? I will drive if i need to.
  15. Engine Management
    Is there any programs/ equiptment that allows you to tune things such as timing, AF ratio, automatic shift points, etc via the obd ii port?I am confused about what the limations of obd is can you alter information or just recieve it
  16. Engine Management
    I need a few numbers for my setup ... 1 - Air Temp: Anyone have the voltage setting for temperatures that might be shown. Example : 32F = .05v and 150F = 4.5v 2 - What about engine temps and voltages 3 - Lastly ... my TPS range is 5.5% closed to 85.5% WOT ... seems a little off. Anyone...
  17. V6 - Forced Induction
    So, I just bought this from 05GT and i can say i've spent reading probably everything there is about this and tibs over at NGM's site and MAPECU's site. I've also got a few local people who put this on tibs, except they had the simple one while i have the 2. T Anyone have on mounted on here...
1-17 of 17 Results