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  1. Steering Wheel Turned Without Me

    Tiburon General Discussion
    So I'm going to assume this had something to do with the road I was on but this has happened to me 3 times in the past 2 weeks, each on a different streets. I was just driving along down a straight road when all of a sudden my Tiburon's steering wheel just violently turned left and my car...
  2. THEY FINALLY WORK! "Switchback" LED Turn Signal Bulbs (video demo, SALE!!!)

    Diode Dynamics
    FS: "Switchback" LED Turn Signal Bulbs IN STOCK SAME DAY SHIPPING!!! 1157 Dual-Color 60-1210 SMD 1157 Dual-Color 60-1210 SMD is a direct replacement for any 1157-size front turn signal bulb. This is a unique, specialty item. When on as normal, with parking lights, it shines a nice, pure...
  3. FS: Rear LED Turn Signal Bulbs, $40

    Diode Dynamics
    1156 Rear Turn Signal LED Bulbs This LED bulb has 24 SMD chips, arranged in a concentric circle, with 5 on top. THIS HAS BEEN TESTED TO FIT IN 2003-2006 TIBURON. Included in your order is TWO BULBS. All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year full warranty. For...
  4. FS: Dual-Changing LED Turn Signal Bulbs $45!!! IN STOCK SHIPS SAME DAY!!!

    Diode Dynamics