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  1. The Black Mist - 2.0 GK3 FL2

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    Hi everyone, After the introduction in newbie section, more details about the car :wink2: Click here for my garage Year: 2007 Make: Hyundai Model: Tiburon/Tuscani 2.0l 143 ( 12/07 model 2008 ) Manual Color: Black Pearl Packages: Luxe Pack ( 17", auto A/C, sunroof, no spoiler)...
  2. 2004 Tiburon purchase

    New Member Introductions
    Looking at a 2004 Tiberon/(Tuscani) up for sale @ $3900.. I'm not very familiar with these cars, so I'd like some input. Is it a good deal? Thanks
  3. Need suggestions for my new 04 Tiburon Tuscani GT 6 speed

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    Hello all! I am the proud new owner of an 04 Tiburon Tuscani GT manual 6-speed. I couldn't get the picture to attach because it's too big and I'm too lazy to change it, but you can see the car on my profile. I've already found so many useful resources on here, including how to change the...
  4. 2003 Tuscani Elisa Tiburon

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    Hello everyone. I have been dormant here on the forums since last March 2014, when I was forced to sell my Crush Orange 2006 Tiburon SE 6 speed for financial reasons. I hit the pavement, kept trading vehicles, and now I have finally landed a solid vehicle that needs a bit of work, but is...
  5. Question on tuscani emblems

    Okay so after searching forever for a seller from the US for a good price, I found this Tuscani Emblem 2007 2008 Hyundai Tuscani Tiburon Hood Emblem Genuine US Seller 86320 2C700 | eBay I drive a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon GT LTD, Im guessing that will fill the hood, but I also want one for the back...
  6. POST YOUR 1/4mile runs!!

    I4 - Forced Induction
    I'm saving up parts to turbo my tubby but i would like to know what kind of times you guys are doing and with what hp. post pics of engine bay if possible!
  7. Metz's Diamond in the Rough

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    Some of you may remember this project from my previous thread "Metz's 05 White Tib". I didn't put much thought into that one that my tib wouldn't be white forever ;). But to the more Important things, I will start the thread with the say I bought it. The second I walked into the lot and saw it...
  8. Got pulled over today because of rebadging...

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I got pulled over today after lunch - and this time I didn't do anything. So I'm wondering if he's mad my license plate was bent or maybe my turn signal burned out again... and he asks for all the paperwork. License, insurance, registration, everything. He goes back to the squad car and runs...
  9. ***BLACK FRIDAY 15% SALE*** - Web Motorsports

    Web Motorsports
    Black Friday 15% Sale! Get ready for a special Black Friday deal for all of our Web Motorsports customers. Be sure to let your friends and family know! Web Motorsports Tel: +1 253.326.2299 E: [email protected]
  10. Tri-State area Tibs wanted!!!

    North East USA
    Looking for any Tib owners and drivers that would be willing to do a Tib meet this month. Drivers from NY, NJ, and CT are all welcome and even people from other areas. It would be pretty nice to see the Tib community coming out for a meet. Please post on here if you would like to participate...
  11. Need help finding this part

    im new to this forum, finally signed up after almost a month of owning a tiburon *2003 gt*. I have been slowly buying stuff to mod it.. starting with interior pieces. Now i saw this piece im looking for on this forum i believe or another site and cant find it now. I need to find a silver tuscani...
  12. Problems, need help!!!!

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Okay so i have a problem with my Tib that i bought. electronic trunk release wont work so i have to use key speedometer going up and down randomly (prob wiring) cant charge my phone cuz the port isnt working Cant get cassette out of the player and its stuck (i just got it so i havent had time...
  13. New Tiburon just purchased

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Okay, so like I said in my previous thread, I did sell my Tiburon Auto and purchased a 6 speed manual Tiburon. Car is running great and im thinking of putting some MODs in it. Any suggestions?? This car already has the CAI in it btw BTW im goin to do a whole paint job on the car...
  14. New to Modding just got '03 original Tuscani

    Tiburon General Discussion
    I just got a real '03 Tuscani (Korean import) GT V6 back in December and I have been holding off on Modding because of the winter, but now that its spring into summer I would like to start Modding the car. Im not looking to blow too much money on everything. Looking to get: Headers Full...
  15. Hello and Tuscani badge help/input please

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    Hey everyone at! Finally decided to create a user account on here instead of maintaining my "forum lurker" status. I have recently badged my 2008 Tib with Tuscani OEM badges. All except the "Tuscani" lettering. I have an I4 engine, so putting the 2.7 Elisa badge on it would be...
  16. Tiburon or Tuscani?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Just wondering if you Tiburon owners that have done a full Tuscani conversion still refer to your car as a Tiburon or a Tuscani? I converted my 2007 GT Limited, but I still call it a Tiburon even though it confuses people. I just love how when people see the car they think it is some high end...
  17. Team Runner's '96 Hyundai Tiburon

    Other Cars
    Hey! I'm from Spain and I want to show you my '96 Tiburon build Everything I show in this video it's what i done on the car untill now. I don't specified a lot what i will be doing on the car (for make it like a surprise), but it will be one of the best Tiburons (road legal and 100% street) on...
  18. Thanks FFF for the new visual stimulation

    And yes, that is not a PA tag b/c I don't feel like putting it on til my custom IF tag comes in It sucks the rear is slightly off center but I didn't break both pegs only wanted to break 1
  19. How Do I Find This Spoiler??

    I have seen a spoiler on a Tuscani that looks similar to a "shark tail/fin". The sides are angled inward about an inch and the crossbar is also sits about an inch lower that the top of the sides. It looked like the spoiler had 3 "legs". I will upload a picture when i see the car again but if...
  20. Help!

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    hi guys! i have a 03 Tib' GT 2.7L i wanna know if the ebay brand headers are good? and if not any headers that are cheap and good quality! post suggestions and all of that! it already has a intake, just in case! :3_nosthum