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  1. Valve cover gasket torque and sequence?

    Tiburon General Discussion
    Can't find any info for it online was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head what it is. 2003 gt v6
  2. Valve Cover Vacuum Hose?

    V6 - Naturally Aspirated
    Interesting issue, I changed out my serpentine belt yesterday and noticed something seemed missing.. did a little research and found I'm actually missing the hose that connects the front and rear valve covers. I'm not sure if this is something recently missing, or if my usual mechanic just plain...
  3. P0441 Hard to Start After Filling Tank

    Hyundai Tech
    Check engine light code P0441 and I have to crank the hell out of the car to get it to start right after I fill the gas tank (a good 10 seconds of cranking at least) after it fires it runs fine I do not need rev it to keep it going or anything. I am assuming I have a bad evaporative emission...
  4. Fluctuation in Rpms at idle! Need!

    Engine Management
    Sorry if i sound desperate but I kinda am.. Im at the point where im ready to light it on fire and claim insurance. My 2.0L motor in my 2003 tib has the rpms fluctuating from 1000-3500 and now it just hangs at 4000 and I HAVE changed the Idle Control Valve, -Throttle Position Sensor, -...
  5. I4 Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

    I4 - Naturally Aspirated
    I was changing my spark plugs today and noticed oil leaking from the valve cover. I also noticed at least one spark plug had motor oil on it's threads. After googling "oil on spark plug threads" I found out that my valve cover gasket is the likely culprit. I have done some searches for this...
  6. Need help with diy please

    Hey I just got an 04 tib and I want to remove the clutch delay valve from the slave cylinder. In the current DIY the pictures do not work. Can someone please take me step by step with pictures so I don't mess anything up. Thank you.
  7. FS: 6speeds little Garage sale vortech, valve covers , smt-6, and more

    Parts for Sale
    ---- Vortech for Sale, Cams, Gauge pod ---- Updated 9/18/09 removed sold stuff and pics of sold stuff lowerd blower price to lowest its gonna go. first off im looking for $1800 shipped that is the lowest i will let it go for if i cant give it away at the price its gonna make it on somehow...